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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The first of the many mindless bable

Well, here it goes. Here is the firs posting on my mindless bable page. I won't be writing much tonight cause I'm tired cause I just got done running 5 miles in 47 minutes. That is good cause I usually run it in 50 minutes but slowly I've been getting faster. Anyways, let me get this started off on a mindless note and tell ya a little story about what happened tonight at dinner. My dad and I had taco salad using lettuce that my mom had grown in her garden. I washed it and spun all the water off in the lettuce spinner. After we had sat down to eat my dad asked me to look at his plate and do you know what I saw? A slug. A SLUG! What in the world?!! It was from the lettuce that I had washed. I almost didn't want to finish my salad but I was too hungry so I had to brave it, thinking I could possibly be eating another slug. Oh well, maybe they are have vitamins in them. Anyways, I must go now, I hope you have a great day!