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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the bag ladies of Good Shepherd

First, let me show the most wonderful, comfy, funky looking shoes. I'm sure you've already seen them on all sorts of other peoples feet but now they are on mine and I can attest to their comfy warmth. They may look funny but let me tell you, my feet are toasty warm!
Sam and Karl got me these for Christmas and I LOVE them!! Thanks guys!!
Okay, on to the reason for this post.

No more bad plastic bags that just fill up landfills and are not good for the environment.

Now, the bag below is not a bad bag to use, it IS much better than the one Linda is holding in the picture above. However, it is not as fun, funky and fabulous as THIS ONE that Linda is filling up with your oh so tasty lunch...
So stinkin cute!

And here is another great bag that Linda and I both bought from the Reusable Bags website. It is for your groceries.It's just great cause not only is it adorable, it is made with super durable material and has a long enough strap to go over your shoulder. Oh and the other GREAT thing about this bag is that it comes in a little pouch that can clip into your purse so you always have it on the ready when you are out and about.

Seriously, you should visit the site, they have tons of great stuff that is good for the environment, all sorts of other bags and water bottles and even clothes for working out or whatever. It's great! Check out this cute bag, or this one that is made by a co-op of women in the Philippines using recycled juice boxes.

Oh the fun we have at work

The other day we had a ton of junk, I mean stuff, in our main office (aka. my office) that just had to go. I mean, we had a teeny-tiny walk way that Ryan, Kristin, and Blake had to scoot through to get from the door of the office back to their offices. It was just crazy. Now as usual, I didn't get a great picture of how the office looked before we started but here is one that is close enough. And picture a huge blue wrestling type mat leaning up against it all...I looked at that blue mat for a week...why? I do not know.

And here are some fun times we had while cleaning. We found some interesting things among the "stuff."

And then here is the office when it was all done. Yay, clean again! :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

My amazing dad

I truly have a wonderful dad. He loves me and takes care of me and teaches me things all the time. He shows me what it is to love like Christ in the way he loves my mom, my siblings, myself and those that he sees on a daily basis. He puts up with my crap, my nagging, my wining, my costing him too much, my basic acting crazy moments and many other things. And he yet still comes back and gives me hugs and takes me for tea and lunch and most of all loves me no matter what I do or say. He is a big teddy bear with a great sense of humor (well, at least one that I get) who loves trying new restaurants and getting out of the norm. I'm glad I have the privilege to call you dad, daddy.
Check out some pictures of my dad just being the great guy that he is...
"We make this look good."

Grant and Grant (Rachel's little boy)

Go after that In and Out burger, dad. You can do it!
The fam and Disneyland. I love that place and I love my 'rents!
Nice fanny pack dad. Way to look totally hip. :) I do love the hat thought.
Yum! Sweddish meatballs at Ikea
Decorating Christmas cookies. He takes this very seriously. :)
Watch out for this bowler, he is gonna win no matter the cost.

He is thinking about something important and profound, I can tell.
Our little family, ain't we cute (just wish we weren't blurry)
Oh, look at that cute pair.

Oh, and today is National Bubble Wrap day. Go out and enjoy that.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I love singing. I just think it is such fun and it brings me much joy to do it. :) I love to sing words while I'm in conversation, I love to sing in my car, I love to sing in the shower and I love, love, love to sing at church. This weekend I was able to enjoy that last one 3 times. Our little Mega Praise team (or MPT, as we have dubbed it) got to sing this weekend during the services. I love being a part of this team because we don't really do any special songs (so there isn't much memorizing and practicing), just sing mainly worship songs along with the congregation. At first I wasn't that excited to do it. It is a bit of a time commitment in one weekend, seeing as you have to be at all three services. But once I was there and practicing and singing the great songs they chose and just hanging with the other MPTer's the time flew by and was gone before I knew it...which made me sad. It was so refreshing to my soul to be up there singing, watching others praising the Lord in their way and hearing all the wonderful voices blending together, and just having the words of the songs really speak to my heart or rather the Lord speak to my heart through the words I was singing.

I also love being a part of the MPT because I get to meet knew people (seeing as our church is so huge there is always someone I don't know singing) and connect with others I've met before or have known for awhile. Again, refreshing. That is the best word at the moment for me to use to describe it.

I really should add that this weekend's service was just a good service on all counts. Jonathan spoke on 2 Timothy 1:3-7. As his powerpoint he used artwork by our very own Shelly Gilmore and it was fantastic. It helped bring the Word and what Jonathan was saying to life and stick in my head and on my heart in a way that doesn't happen as often as I would like.

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Years Eve!

New Years Eve was amazing! Beks, Kristin and I went out for a night out on the town. First we went to The Gilt Club to enjoy some drinks and then headed to Hawthorne to Imbibe (on my sis's recommendation) for some food and to ring in the New Year (Tanya Partum joined us there right before midnight). And I must say that we were just spoiled the whole night. At both of the places that we graced with our presence there were no cover charges, no huge crowds, great atmosphere, places for us to sit, and fun people to watch. I can't wait to go back again. :)

The following pictures are taken at the stroke of midnight or close to it. At Imbibe, they had balloons that came down from the ceiling at midnight and they handed out beaded necklaces and noise makers to everyone. It was great fun!
Kristin and Tabs makin' some noise.
Tanya Partum (I probably spelled that wrong, sorry!) and Beks celebratin' the new year in style.

All in all, it was a super sweet night with some of my fave girls! Thanks ladies, I love you and am so glad to count you among my dearest friends!!

Girlfriends night

Here are Rachel and I making biscotti together before out girlfriends night out.
I like baking with someone, it's fun times (well, at least with Rach). :) And the biscotti turned out fabulous, no matter what Rachel might tell you.

Let me just tell you, I love these girls in the next few pictures. We have been friends since our Freshman year (Krista's 8th grade year) and I know my life just would not be the same without them in it. It is so fun and refreshing to get together with them because we are totally able to pick up right where we left off like we were never apart. It's great to see how people have changed, and yet have stayed the same. I love it! Oh how I love it!!
Krista and Rachel
me and Lisa
The girls! I love you girls!!
THANK YOU for befriending me all those years ago. You are blessings that I thank the Lord for daily.

Christmas Day - good times

Here is the stocking that Santa left for me on my bed
Daddy cooking the bacon...yum
our traditional orange glazed cinnamon rolls curtesy of Kroger's (hmmm...usually it's Pillsbury).
Sam and Karl opening up presents
The fam (Karl was taking the picture, thats why it's blurry...)Sam, mom, dad, me and Guy.

Christmas day was so nice. Probably one of my favorite Christmas's in awhile. We had breakfast as a family and opened presents then parted ways and met up again for dinner at Sam's house with other family and friends. The food was good and the company was even better. I love my family! They are special to me. I hope you all had wonderful Christmas's as well. :)