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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey, I'm a busy girl, but here's a quick update.

Sorry I've been gone for a bit friends. Honest. It kinda eats at me when I can't make time to post even a little bit. But let me tell you, I. Have. Been. Busy. We had VBS at our church, which meant 12 hour days. It also meant over 200 kids every night! It was AWESOME!!

Scott and i also have found a new apartment and are moving into our new 2 bed/2 bath/fireplace/so many new and better things apartment in less than 2 weeks. People, our apartment right now is 575 square feet. This new apartment is 915 square feet. SERIOUSLY!!! And this new place is ours, not mine that Scott moved into. We went and looked together and loved it at just about the same time. It's so great! Plus it's right off the Max line and walking/running distance from our gym. Oh, and it's literally right across the street from the mall. Can't beat that right? Only about 5-10 more minutes to work for me and about 25 minutes less of a drive for Scott when he starts school in the fall. AND now I get to legally change my last name and we finally start using our wedding presents. Almost all of them have been sitting in my parents garage just waiting patiently for the day that they could move into a larger space with us. More on this later.

Let's see, what else...Rachel and I made homemade tortilla's, that was amazingly easy and so FREAKING good! Also, we tried our hands at making sauted Kale. Also very easy and FREAKING good!

So many other things have happened and I want to expand on what I've already mentioned but I have to get back to work. Just wanted to give my readers (who love me, they really love me) encouraged me to post again because (sigh, tear) they missed me. I feel so special.

I leave you with this little tid-bit...yesterday I found a reciept in my couch from 1999. I've only been in possession of this couch since 2006. What does that tell you?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Love her!(She seriously has the most rockin body)

Love this show!

And now LOVING this one too!

I really gotta try her 30 day shred dvd...I hear they are pretty good. But how can they not be. I mean, HELLO, it's Jillian we are talking about here.

Oh, and the reason I wanted to write this post tell you that Jillian is born the day after me. We are almost birthday buddies. Almost. And yes, I do realize I'm a big nerdy freak who actually got a little excited that Jillian's birthday is a mere 24 hours after mine.

Random and honesty...maybe too much

1. Why is it that some days, even weeks at a time, my willpower can be off the charts fantastic and other days it's...well...not?

2. Yesterday I finally discovered something I do that bugs my husband to no end. I guess he just couldn't take it anymore and had to share what had been on his heart. Apparently he doesn't like my parking jobs. I park crooked and not always centered...and this is nonsensical in his world. I will say that he is a very careful parker, always striving to be straight between the lines so as not to allow other cars to park to close in which case they could carelessly open their door too fast and with too much force and ding Eileen (his faithful vehicle. Mine is Sugar). Me on the other hand, doesn't have a care in the world when parking, except not hitting the cars on either side as I pull into a parking spot or the wall in front of me as I come to a stop. I am not really thinking about others and how they handle themselves and their car doors...I don't know, I guess I'm selfish that way. As long as I'm in the spot and hopefully not on the lines, life is good and I can go about my business.
Ps. I do think my husband makes great points here and I also do believe my husband to be a much better driver than I. Just thought this was funny and had to share.

3. The cyclist in my life showed me a picture this morning.
Then I found this one, showing how his tire just bounced back to it's original form...AND the moment right before impact...yikes...
You should also watch this video, which shows the whole slow motion and everything

WOW-ZERS!!! It turned into just one massive pile up. If you watch closely you'll see a guy go over his handlebars, and then people just falling all the way back through the peloton.
This is why, according to my cyclist, that you do not cross the hold it!

4) I find it rather exciting to Map My Run as soon as I get home after pounding the pavement. I actually look forward to it as I start getting closer to home (that and when I get to stop running). It's so fun to see how far I've gone.
But, I'm ashamed to say, when I haven't gone as far as I thought...I can get a mite upset.
I should probably work on that part. But it also makes me push myself farther the next time...interesting how that works.

5) I know it's about to be summer time because Panera Bread has brought back my favorite EVER salad. The Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken salad. It has all kinds of fresh fruit, pecans, chicken, a good dressing...what is not to love? It's so very tasty AND good for you...I ask again, what is not to love?!
Next to the salad rolls from a Thai restaurant near our apartment, this is my favorite thing to eat. Ever. I just wish they would add it to the menu year-round...except then the fruit wouldn't be as fresh...but they could make it seasonal fruit...hmmm, wonder if they've thought of that? I might have to write a letter.

6) I love Real Simple magazine and their daily quotes. Here is one of my recent favorites.
“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.’”
― C.S. Lewis
7) Today is National Smile Power Day. I guess that means smile a lot and at everyone you see and check out how something that small and easy is to do is so powerful.
It's also National Lobster Day.

8) Why is June National Turkey Lovers Month? Anyone else think that should be saved for November? Just sayin...

9) I really hate it when my dad answers his cell phone in the middle of or right before his services start (He is a pastor for several different nursing homes around the area). Gah!! That is what voicemail is for, people!

10) I feel that since I made my way all the way to 9 random things I should be able to find a 10th lying around somewhere just waiting to be shared. I believe the only tissues that should be used on a runny nose is Puffs. They are the best. And the slogan is what puts them over the top in my book. It's so easy to remember. Makes it great when your at the store and picking up a new tissue box because you just ran out and your nose is raw and peeling AND running all over. Ouch...and gross. So, their slogan...
"A nose in need, deserves Puffs, indeed."

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yesterday I discovered a few things...

1) My email is a creeper. Check out this message it gave me when I tried to send an email.
I mean, yes I did forget to send the attachments I had indeed written about in said email and was grateful for the message but holy WOW creeper email, your reading AND talking to me about what I'm writing and doing/not doing? Hmmmm...just not sure what to do with this. I'm torn. I'm creeped out and then thankful...such a funny place to be standing.

2) Riding the MAX makes me feel like a kid again. My feet don't touch the ground when I sit in the seats, so of course I swing them around just like I did when I was little. Also, I am always a little more timid than usual, kinda like when you were little and around people you didn't know so you would hide behind your mom's legs or something. Ha! I do still love riding the MAX, though. You just really never know who/what your going to see, hear, smell.

Side note for emmy-pie lovely and all my other non-portlanders): The MAX is my city's light rail transportation system (yes, I said my). MAX stands for Metropolitan Area Express...we are so creative, right?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So far this week...

Monday, Scott took me to Edgefield, where we had our first date, to have dinner to celebrate. We were even able to sit at the same booth that we sat at a year ago...yep, cause we are those kinda people. Oh, and I can't forget to tell mention that he wore the exact same outfit (minus the green shirt) that he wore on our date, even the same shoes. Oh my gosh, I love this man! (I wore the same shirt, too, btw). Here we are playing with our food...something we learned about each other on our first date, I think.
Scott's OCD coming out. Something I encourage, though, so it's all good. :)

You are ruining my design!
And seriously, how could I resist this guy sitting across from me,
lookin all good and being so sweet?

A combined artistic effort...
a couple that plays with their food together, definitely stays together...right?

Tuesday, my friend Holli and I ventured out to PIR (Portland International Roadway) to watch Scott cycle in his second race of the season...and my first race to ever see him in. It was SO GREAT and so fun to finally see another little piece of his world, meet people that he's talked about and cheer for him as he sped by (I sure do love the sound of all those bicycle wheels flying by). I also love seeing him in all his cycling's kinda like seeing a guy in uniform - just sayin. :) And on top of everything he did great in the race. He placed really well for someone who has ridden his bike only a handful of times since before his carpel tunnel surgeries back before Christmas. It makes my heart happy seeing him doing something that he loves so much. Who knows, you may see me out there some day...maybe...or maybe I'll just stick to my running.
There he is. In all his cycling gear...and lookin' good.
"Hey hot stuff."

There he is. In all his cycling glory...and kickin' some major rear I might add.
(how nerdy am I that I put an arrow on the picture, haha!)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Donut Day Deliciousness!

I must let you all know what doughy goodness Scott and I enjoyed on this wonderful day called Donut Day.

I, after much deliberation, went with the No Name. According to the wedbsite, it raised yeast doughnut with chocolate frosting, rice krispies and peanut butter! De-licious.
Scott went with his favorite, the apple fritter.

However, he did not go with just any old apple fritter, it was the Anything Goes where they basically put whatever other fruit they have lying around into it. It of course had apples, but I think there were some blueberries and mango's and, well, who knows what else. What I do know? It was GOOD!!

Yes, we do know how to celebrate, don't we?

June 7th!!! First Date-iversary!

A year ago, June 7th '09, was the day that Scott and I had our first date. Wow, it DOES NOT feel like we've only really known each other and been together for a year, one that has been filled with all sorts of ups and downs and crazy rides. I don't think I would change one second of it, though.

I am just so thankful we both listened to the Lords quiet promptings: Scott deciding to go ahead and ask me out by calling me from a retreat (this the day after he had opted to not ask me out because he got a little nervous after hearing I had dated another cycling guy); Me deciding to go out with him even though I was dealing with THE worst headache I think I have ever had (I mean, what do I say "I'm sorry, we can't go out because I have a headache"? I might as well just say I have to wash my hair, about the same level on the lameness scale). But he called, I didn't cancel, we went out, had a great time and have been together ever since. It was easy and fun on that first date, and it's been easy and fun every day since. Life with Scott has been amazing, I know that it's only going to get better.Here is the earliest picture we have, I think this was almost 2 weeks after our first date, we were helping Carolyn Sharpe move into her house. We like to thank Carolyn on a regular basis for being the one to officially introduce us and for being the first to suggest I take a closer look at this guy named Scott). We love you Sharpie!!
And this is a picture from the next day, the Saturday before Father's Day, where Scott met my family. (ps. that was the day of our first kiss too...just sayin...)

I love YOU, Scott. My love, my best friend, my confidant, my gym/running partner, my mirror, my husband, my blessing from the Lord. Thank you for always making me feel like the only, most beautiful girl in the room, since day one.

Friday, June 4, 2010

IT'S DONUT DAY! and National Donut Day, too...

And I don't care about diets or workouts or anything from Hungry Girl today. Just. GO. CELEBRATE!

Seriously. I mean, I KNOW donuts are not the most nutritious thing for you and I usually do not eat or suggest others eat these little round sugar coated, doughy treats of yummy goodness, but when I read about where this little day of celebration originated from I felt I had to do my duty and celebrate like a true American.

(I think Scott and I might take time tonight between work and other engagements to hit up this wonderful little Portland delicatessen...mmmm...bacon maple bar, here I come!)

So, are you curious this days origins? Well, let me share with you the dealio (yeah, I just typed that, get over it)...

According to wikipedia, where I go to answer all of lifes little questions, Donut Day is the first Friday of every June and was started by the Salvation Army (gotta love that group and their cute little outfits) to honor the women who served donuts to soldiers during World War I. And National Donut Day (which, yes, is actually different from Donut Day but is still celebrated on the same day) is to honor the donut, that little round doughy goodness with a perplexing hole in the middle. But, I mean, why not celebrate the donut. We certainly don't want to leave It out when there are days of the year set aside for poisonus blackberries and tapioca pudding. Oh, and rubber eraser day and pop goes the weasel day...oy, people...oy.

My friend Rachel's birthday, March 26 is … Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. I think that is pretty stinkin sweet. Next year, I think I'll make that day National Surprise and Celebrate Rachel day, she'll so hate that. Haha!

My birthday, February 17 is … Champion Crab Races Day - yeah, kinda not that exciting.

(OY! I just looked at the menu at VooDoo...they all look so good! Now I can't decide... Do I get the Neapolitan? The Double Chocolate? Apple Fritter? The Portland Cream??? Do I get cake or raised? Filled or not filled? I mean, if I'm getting a donut, might as well go all out, right? HELP!?!? Any advice would be much welcomed)

And that is all I have for now. Maybe this weekend I'll post a picture of the oh so delicious donut that I imbibe in tonight. And if you would care to share, what donut did you or are you going to enjoy on this great day of celebration?

Thursday, June 3, 2010