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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


We had a few visitors in our office today...

Ryan and Michelle's little baby girl Lorelai

Trina and Ashland Moffat playin around with little Jack Gentry

Trina giving Ashland a lesson on satsuma's (she loved them and kept asking for more)

Michelle and Ashland (who is eating her satsuma and trying to say smile at the same time)

As you can see, fun was had by all. :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Big 6-0!

Well, this year was my mom's big 60th birthday so we planned a little surprise party for her. My dad whisked her away to the beach for a few days while we got the house ready for the big party. Lots of family and friends were able to make it and I think my mom was genuinely surprised. We had more than enough food and two FABULOUS cakes made by my sister's baker friend.

my mom walking around hugging everyone after we yelled surprise (sorry I didn't get a better picture but my dumb little camera isn't fast enough for that kind of stuff)

Here is my mom blowing out the candles after we sang her a "wonderful" rendition of Happy Birthday.

Birthday cake #1: A chocolate layer cake with chocolate ganache as the filling (yum!)

Birthday cake #2: A pumpkin layer cake with a cream cheese filling...decadent and oh so so so yummy! So good we had the same cake again on Thanksgiving. :)

Here are my parents with The Smith's. My dad and Tim went to Gresham High School together years ago and so Tim knew my parents before they were married. We got to hear some fun stories at the party (ones our parents had not shared with us before, shame on them)

These sweet, sweet folks are the Dick and Rita Owens. They were in Japan with my folks back in the 70's and had a hand in bringing them to Christ. They also had some great stories to share, as you can imagine.

Here is Lori and Karl Kaiser. Karl, as you all know, is my brother-in-law and Lori is his sister. Lori and my mom actually share a birthday, how fun!

A few of my friends even dropped by to wish my mom happy birthday. Here is Rachel (who also brought little Grant and her parents along)

And here is Holli, my dear friend from my old job before I worked at the church. This girl is great and I am so thankful for her friendship and that the Lord placed her at the E company to help to make the not so great job a little bit brighter.

Well, there ya go. It was a fun time had by all. AND, I have to add: I LOVE YOU MOM!!! YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!! This has all probably been more than you really cared to see and read but it was fun to reminisce anyway.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Pictures of snow in Boring

These are from my camera so I'm sorry for their quality. :)But HOW FUN that is snowed...didn't stick, but it did snow. Loved it!!

There is Bob hiding from Lenny and Ryan's snowballs.
my footprints in the snow the flakes comin' down, huge and fluffy
more snow (and it's sticking...but only for about 30 minutes, it's pretty much gone now)
And me, in the snow. Look at that, it's just white behind the trees, craziness! :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My wonderful, healthy city!!

A survey done by Self Magazine (I know, very technical) to find the 100 most healthy places in the US for women to live.

Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA
Population: 2,053,800
Ranking: 32 out of 100
The goods:
+Above-average exercise rates
+ Scored in the top 10 for healthy eating habits
+Among the five lowest allergy rates on the list

The not so goods:
– Above-average suicide rate
– 77 fewer days of sunshine than average
– 46 percent fewer hospital beds per capita than average

This just proves my point, that Portland is one of the best places to live, for any and everyone. And not that you need anymore reasons besides the one above (and the fact that I live here) but here are some pictures to show those of you that don't live here just how beautiful a place Oregon is:

The number 1 place for women to live, you ask? Good question, but I don't know. I didn't have time check out all the cities so I'll let you check it out and get back to me. :)

Monday, November 20, 2006


I really, REALLY am sorry but I had to post this picture so I could put it as my little icon. But while I'm at it, I'll post a few other pictures for you to look and laugh at (these are from high school and college).


Well, Thanksgiving is almost here. Can you believe it? I say it time and time again but it just baffles me everytime I stop for a minute and think that time really is just flying by....WAY too fast. It makes me sad cause I feel like I am not doing the best with my time and enjoying my time like I should. Anyway, I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and find out what people are doing/making for the holiday? I am going to my parents and hanging out with our small little family (which includes my brother-in-laws mom and sister, who are just the sweetest). Not the most exciting but I do love everyone there. I am going very simple this year and roasting baby carrots (got this EASY!! recipe from a friend, tried it and LOVED IT!!) and making a cranberry relish (my sister isn't making hers this year so it got passed down to me). I don't even like cranberry's at Thanksgiving. But hey, I love a good cooking challenge not that this is a hard dish or anything, just new for me. Anyway, I'd love to hear what all your plans are so please share!

Have a great day everyone!! Oh, and my mom's 60Th surprise birthday party went off with out a hitch on Saturday so that was great! Hopefully, I'll be posting those pictures for you soon. :)

27 days till I walk onto the deck of our Caribbean cruise ship!!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

An outing with Ruthie

Ruthie and I headin' out to pick up lunch for the ladies in the office...
Here I am enjoying the coffee that Ruthie so graciously bought for me. She's such a sweetie!
And who says Elvis is dead!

And here are a few pictures of everyone enjoying their tasty meals...

Now, everyone else seemed to be okay with this but I found it to be rather disturbing until someone explained the reasoning behind it. I couldn't understand why they would hide the butter in the middle of the roll and just let you take a bit of roll, butter and butter wrapper (gross!). But then I was told that they do this cause since the roll is warm it will warm the butter and make it much easier to spread. Makes sense but still a little sneaky if you ask me.

And like I said, if your ever in Sandy, check out the Paris Cafe. It has a ton of tasty options for lunch. I honestly believe just about anyone could eat here, from the southern comfort food lover to the health concious vegan. And the prices are good too. They serve good coffee and tea and also have several dessert options that may not be up to Pix Patisserie's standard but are still very delicious looking. Oh, and I can't forget to mention the wonderful atmosphere. They have regular tables, tall tables, comfy chairs and a fire place to snuggle up next to on days when it's cold out (like right now). Now, if your in the area, get over there and enjoy.

Tabs :)
37 more days till my cruise!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

What is up?

Okay fellow Oregonians, what is up with the weather these days? It is fall and November for crying out loud. Why am I sleeping at night with my window open and no covers and still sweating? I don't even have to wear a coat outside (except for I do cause it's raining). I understand and really don't mind the rain (love it in fact, even when I am getting drenched as I run from Newport Bay restaurant to my car 10 feet away), but what I'm upset about and don't understand is the fact that it is so freakishly warm right now. I mean, it's snowing up on the mountain and it's in the mid to late 60's down here. WHAT IS UP?! I want to be able to curl up and be cozy with a hot cup of soup/hot cocoa/whatever...not sitting around in my shorts and tank top faning myself. That is summer weather, and we are now in full on Fall, or should be!

I do think it's supposed to change and get colder again this week so things should be back to their normal, fall coldness which makes me happy.

I know, you all probably think I'm a total nut but thats okay. I am and I like it! :)

Love ya!

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Little Jack

Here is little Jack Gentry who came to visit our office last night.
Isn't he adorable?! He sure does love that red paper.