Baby Jones

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hi baby Jones...

A couple of pictures from this week (the 16th week):
Excuse the creepy hand sneaking into the picture.
I can't see my feet when I look straight down. Ha!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

13 week appt

Well, things are moving along nicely in pregnancy land. I'm finally getting out of the nauseas period of the 1st trimester and moving (very thankfully) into the easy going 2nd trimester. Tuesday we went in and had an ultrasound to screen for down syndrome and trisome 18. Oh my word, the baby looked crazy amazing on the screen!
So many features already! Baby Jones was rolling all around and kicking it's feet and moving it's hands around...I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! The feet, oh the feet are already looking like little feet and we could see the spine...amazing! It's already looking like a sweet little baby! Oh, and we finally got to hear the heart beat. Wow! It's so so fast! I The Lord is so amazing, right?!!
This ultrasound totally rocked our world. It feels SO much more real now! Still don't know what we are having, I believe we'll find out early September. Can't wait!
Today's appointment went very great, everything seems to be moving along nicely according to our doc. She had a bit of a hard time finding the heart beat, found it for about 5 seconds 3 different times. "I'm chasing a moving target." I was just thinking, "My kid is active, I love it!" ... can't wait to feel it soon! :)
Not much of a baby bump yet...probably just food and bloating at this point. :)