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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Baby Grant: born at 3:54 pm on Monday the 28th of August, 2006

Stats on the little guy: 8 lbs and 3 oz (he was a few days late) and 20 1/2 inches long (but they said that had they stretched out his legs he surely would have been 21 inches). The best part is that his head and his chest were the same size (14 centimeters, I think). He has a big brain...yeah, thats it. :) These are all pictures of Rachel and Marks little baby boy, Grant Richard. Isn't he adorable? Well, you probably can't tell just how cute he is from my terrible pictures but he is, trust me. I would like you all to know that I was the first person to see and hold him, besides all the obvious (nurses, mom, dad). It was very exciting and I just believe they are the proud parents of two little boys now. So weird! But I love it! Anyway, have a great day everyone!!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Here are the pictures that I promised

Here are Jessica and Tony the Tiger (as we called him) in our trusty Suburban (aka our home). We were the second "van" for our team, The Killer Snails.

Here is my own personal cheerleader and mile marker for my first leg (just after I finished my first leg). My mom was great, she followed me the whole way encouraging me. I really appreciated it! Thanks mom!
Dan aka "The Hulk"
Here is my van before the race and the next day after the race. We don't look too bad but we do stink, or I do anyway, I didn't shower the whole time. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. :)
Here are my parents and I at Seaside celebrating! Like my medal? And there is the shirt you get for participating that will be put into a drawer to sit and take up space with all my other race shirts. Gotta love that. Any ideas on what to do with them? Maybe make a quilt some day.
GGRRRRR..... My team called me "The Animal" but I'm not sure why. Anyway, here is my tough picture, which showcases my roadkill count. I was able to collect 30 roadkills by the end of the whole event, not too shabby if I do say so myself. But please don't ask the guys on my team how many they got cause then my count won't sound that great. ;) And if you aren't sure exactly what I'm talking about, road kills on Hood to Coast are those that you leave in your dust as you speed past them.

Monday, August 28, 2006

A little teaser

Hey everyone! I made it out alive, a little sore today but alive and extremely well. I won't tell you too much about Hood 2 Coast today, I want to wait till I get my pictures (which should be tomorrow). I just wanted to tell you all that it was a blast, everyone in both vans were super fun and everyone did a great job on their legs (especially those that ran 4 legs).

Here are my stats:
Leg #1: 5.65 miles / 41 minutes roughly/ 7 min. 19 sec. miles
Leg #2: 4.2 miles / 32 minutes roughly/ 7 min. 38 sec. miles
Leg #3: 6.0 miles / 47.30 minutes / 7 min. 54 sec. miles

Not too shabby since my goal was to keep all my legs in the 7 minute arena.

Well, I'm out. I'll hopefully be able to post pictures tomorrow and give you some more details.

Love ya! Bye!

10 days till Hawaii!!! YAY!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Their finally here!

Well, I finally found my camera (my dads camera, mine is trash or at least should be in the trash). Here are the long awaited pictures from my California trip. I won't put all of them cause that would take way too long. Have fun checkin' em out (they look really dark on the computer I'm on but I'm hoping thats only my computer and not yours)!

Friday, August 18, 2006


Click and watch THIS GREAT VIDEO. It is long but so worth it (especially if you know a man named Seth Chase). Please let me know what you think. Just to give you a heads up, it's about surfing and following is the synopsis that was on the website for the video.

Terry Houck, a self proclaimed professional surfer, returns to the Island of Oahu after a ten year hiatus. In honor of his return, he decides to film his "come back" with his surf photographer Vic so that the world can see the story of Terry Houck.

Hood To Coast

Well, folks, it's almost time. Time, that is, for the annual Hood to Coast relay. There are over 1,000 teams that enter each year into the longest relay in North America. Each team consists of 12 people and two vans. The race starts on Friday the 25th (a week from today) up on Mt. Hood and ends on the beautiful beach of Seaside on Saturday the 26th. Every team member runs three legs in about a 24-30 hr period (depending on the team of course). It's a rough and tough race that totally wrecks havoc on your body. Let me attempt to paint a picture for you of what it is like on this "fun" 2-day relay. You are in a van with 5 other people, sleeping and eating sporadically, running at very random times of day and night, and sitting when it would be much nicer to stretch out your aching muscles. Let me tell you I was sick the whole time last time and slept for probably about 2-3 hrs. However, I have to say (as I always do when it comes to racing) it is such a rush and feeling of accomplishment when you run across that finish line in the sand. We all may limp across said finish line but we proudly display our aches and pains like badges of honor because we know we have earned each and every ouch and moan that escapes our lips on the short (but long) walk back to the van. I have been thinking more and more about this race (and why I put myself through it) as it looms closer (just a week to go) and I find myself getting nervous. I hate that, I think that was why I got sick last time, well, that and the whole experience that I described above. But, I know I do it because I get to make new friends and memories and then there is the whole sense of comraderie that comes with accomplishing something big with being a part of the longest relay in the US with thousands of other people feeling the same pain as you. It's great I tell ya...really! I know I'm crazy but thank goodness I'm not alone. Lets just hope that since I know what I'm getting into this time around I won't be sick during the whole race, that is the part truly is absolutely no fun. I'll keep you posted on how it went and hopefully post some pictures of the event.

Anyways, I hope you all have a great weekend!

Oh, and by the way, only 19 more days till Kauai!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tab's fall tv show line-up

Okay so I totally stole this from my friend Faith's blog but I thought it was a great idea. The following are a list of the shows that have become my favorites for the obvious reason that they are just great and should not be missed. Of course there are other shows that I enjoy watching but these are the ones that I have (in the last year) become faithful to. I hope you will check them out and become an avid watcher like me. So this list is a list of my fave shows and when they begin, enjoy:

Sundays: Without A Trace airs September 24th on CBS @ 10 following Cold Case @ 9 which I also like and will probably watch
Monday: Free and open for right now. Got any ideas? It's kinda weird to not have a show to watch, help me out.
Tuesday: House MD airs September 5th @ 8 on Fox
Wednesday: Biggest Loser airs September 20th @ 8 on NBC
LOST airs October 4th @ 9 on ABC
Thursday (this will be a sticky night for me): CSI airs September 21st @ 9 on CBS which is the same time slot that Grey's Anatomy airs in but on ABC.
Friday (and you thought I was done): Crossing Jordan airs on October 20th @8 on NCB

WOW, I'm a sad little girl, aren't I? Oh well, thats why we have VCR's with record buttons. Unlike Faith, thought, I don't have to worry about a husband or a roommate wanting to watch something other than the shows I like. That's the beauty of living by yourself. :) But I did catch myself in a pickle on Thursday nights, didn't I? This could be interesting. Anyone got any ideas? And if you have any suggestions for Monday night, I'd love to hear them. Or maybe I'll save that for a movie night. Hmmm....I'm pathetic.


20 days till Hawaii!!! YAY!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's that time again...

Every year around late August and into September I always get a little twinge of sadness. Why you ask? Well, because this is the time that students are gearing back up to go back to school. And it was the time of year that I was trying to get in all the time I possibly could with my friends and family, pack up all the stuff I was going to be taking back to school, shopping for new school clothes, and all the other fun and not so fun stuff you do when you have to drive half way across the country to go back to college. I know, I'm pretty weird that I miss school and get jealous of all those kids that get to go away to college for another year and have all those fun experiences that I had. But its more than that. I miss all the friends that I had and don't get to see anymore and I miss going to the intermural games, staying up late in the dorms and being totally crazy, the late night Walmart runs and whatever else that comes along with being a college student away from home. Those were really some great years that I am so thankful for. I'm not good at writing out my thoughts coherently so I'm going to stop there but I just wanted to know if I really am the only one that gets a little sad around this time of year to see kids going back to school, or going off to school for the first time. I am excited for them too, though. I love to hear about all the fun stuff they have bought for their dorm room and how they are nervous about meeting their roommate. College was the first time I really ever had a roommate. I grew up always having my own room. Rachel, my roommate for 2 and a half years at OC, had grown up sharing her room with her two sisters so she didn't know any different. It was an adjustment but it sure was fun. We had some great times. I also made some friends that, even though I don't do a great job, I still keep in touch with and am so thankful for that! The Lord truly blessed me with the friends that I made in college. I was in one friends wedding last year and I am spending two tropical vacations with another dear friend later this year (Marilee, KAUAI IN 3 WEEKS!!!). Maybe another reason that I get sad is because I am reminded of the friends that I haven't kept in touch with and have no idea how they are doing. We had great times and made super fun memories that I will never forget and I will miss them. Maybe someday I'll hear something or get a phone number or an email and we'll be able to pick up right where we left off.

WOW, all that just to say that I always get a little sad around this time of year cause I miss college. I miss the social aspect of college if you want to get down to the nitty gritty. I loved it and would do it all over again (but maybe with a little bit of the knowledge I have now). :) Does anyone else get these feels? Am I a total weirdo? Let me know what your thoughts are about this. I would love to hear them. And to those of you that read this that I went to college with, I miss you! I miss our fun conversations and our moments of pure laughter! Thanks for making great memories for me to hold to. Love you!!

I wish, wish, wish I could put up pictures from college but I'm at work and have none on my computer. Maybe tomorrow or Friday I'll scan some in and put them up so you can see just how much fun school was (oh, and you'd get to see another Tabitha).


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A random sort of fortune

"You could prosper in the
field of wacky inventions."
Awhile ago I found this fortune in my fortune cookie. It was rather random so I kept it in my purse. I came across it the other day and showed it Kristin to see what she thought about it and she said that it actually fit me. I don't know about that so I thought I should share it with my audience and get you thoughts. Do you think this fits me? Can you see me prospering from some wacky idea I come up with? If so, any ideas that I have ever shared with you that you thought was wacky? Who knows, it could put me on the map someday. Or, please share any wacky invention ideas you might have, maybe I can make it a reality. :) I would also like to add that I was happy upon reading this fortune because it was actually a fortune. Have you realized that they seemed to have gotten bored with coming up with fortunes lately and have started putting boring statements inside our coveted "fortune" cookies? Most of the time we are no longer given fortune cookies to enjoy at the end of our enthic meals, we are given statement cookies. How sad. But I can find happiness in this fortune which is a true fortune, albeit random.
Anyway, have a great day everyone!!!
Oh, and I should mention that there are only 24 DAYS TILL I GO TO KAUAI!!!

Monday, August 7, 2006

a short (but actually quite long) update

I don't really have a lot to say at the moment...well, okay, I do have a lot to say, I am a babbler am I not, but I don't have any pictures to put up which makes this entry rather boring and therefore short.

I was told last night by one Rakel Thurman that I need to get back into a better habit of blogging. I have known this for awhile but things have been crazy around here (when are they not crazy) and I haven't had a chance to download my pictures from my Cali trip yet. To make her, my wonderful readers (all 5 of you), and myself happy I thought I would just give a quick update with what has happened in the last few weeks in my life.

In the middle of July I went down to California with my high school group as a leader which was a total blast! The high school kids, as squirley as they are, were so much fun. It was fun to watch them step up (a few stepped out of their comfort zones which was so cool to see) and lead the 5-day clubs and even lead a few kids to Christ (42 I think was the total number at the end of the week). They even helped bring a 2 of their own peers to Christ during the week which was amazing! I was totally amazed at how open and transparent these kids became with each other in the course of just a few days. They have even been keeping each other accountable now that they are home. I love it! I had been on the verge of backing out of the trip at the last moment (I wouldn't have actually done it cause I hate it when people do that) because it had been such a stressful and tiring week before we left and I thought I would be coming back to even more things to do with moving out of my apartment and all but I am so glad that the Lord kept me on that team. I feel like it helped me see a new side to these kids and get a new appreciation and love for the ministry that I help and work in. I think the Lord also put me on that particular team to let me see another side of one Steve Keels. The man knows what he's doing when it comes to high school students. He had an answer for everything, and when we followed what he said, it always seemed to work...go figure. I have a new appreciation that man. Plus he's a fun guy, who loves Starbucks. :) I also had a great time getting to know Zach, Kelsey, Blake, the Joys, and Deanne better. I just have to say that my church is filled with some pretty amazing people. I am so blessed to be here, and even more blessed to be working here. Let me just end this little blurb about my Cali trip by saying that I had a blast, everyone on my team was awesome, and I can't wait to go again next year. Oh, and I got a tan, which has always been pretty difficult for me. It makes me excited for Kauaii (which is only a month away!!!).

Lets see, after we got back from Cali I had two days off, which was wonderful! Then it was right back to work to get ready for the Jr. High retreat and the Montana Out of Town team. The Jr. High retreat went off with out much of a hitch (at least I think so) but the Montana trip was a little bit of a challenge. We ended up on having a bus driver so after many, many, many hours of prayer and phone calls (most of which made by Ryan) we pulled together 5 suberbans and enough drivers to get the team on their way Saturday morning at 6:00 am. And do you want to know just how desperate we were for drivers? My mom is right now enjoying the beautiful scenery that Montana has to offer. I am so excited that she got to go. I think it will be really fun for her. She was excited to work with the kids and to help cook (Jill was pretty exstatic about that last part too). I'll have to tell you all about that when they get back but they had some fun leaders and a great group of kids so I know they are going to have a blast!

Last night my roommate got married. It was a beautiful wedding and she was an absolutely gorgeous bride...very radiant, very happy, very relaxed. Her dress was stunning, too! The chruched turned out great and so did the place where they had the reception. Stu officiated at the wedding and did a great job. I just love that guy, he's such great fun! You can tell that he adores each and everyone one of his family memebers so very much. I should mention that her colors were a teal sort of blue and brown, very very nice together. We had a catered dinner which was very delicious, and the cake was oh so very yummy as well. I even got to see some friends that I haven't seen in a long time, so all in all it was a great evening! There was no dancing or throwing of the bouquet or garter, which most of my friends don't like but I just love (although the times that I haven't caught the bouquet have obviously not done me any good). I had fun living with Annie and she will be missed when she heads off to her new life in Chicago with her wonderful new husband (whom I just think the world of). But she will forever be in our prayers! And who knows, maybe we'll take a road trip over to visit her sometime. That would be fun! Hmmmm.... (Oh, and I must mention that we threw Annie a very, very fun personal shower. Tracy and Jamie did fantastic jobs with setting up and making it look, feel, and taste fantastic! Jamie made little personal cakes for everyone, it was so cute! I won't go into anymore detail except to say that we had some great laughs and a sweet time celebrating our dear friend Annie!).

Now, I'm just house sitting for some family friends, watering their flowers and eating all the tomatoes I want from their backyard garden (I have so much lycopene in my system I don't think I'll ever get sick again, and I think I might turn red soon...yikes!). It was so perfectly planned by the Lord. I moved out at the end of July to this house sitting job (keeping me from having to move home with my parents AND my brother, no thank you) and I should be finding out today if I am approved to move into an apartment at the beginning of September. How perfect is that. And all without the stress that I usually have with that kind of stuff. I guess I just knew the Lord would take care of it, he wouldn't leave me to live on the streets. Why can't I be more trusting when it comes to other aspects of my life? Hmmm, an interesting thought and a good lesson to be learned. Its going to be great cause I will move into my apartment at the beginning of Sept., head to Kauai and hang there with my sis, Karl and Marilee and then come back with Marilee to show her my new apartment and give her the guided tour of P-town. Oh, I really cannot wait!!!

And oh my gosh, this post is so very long, I am so sorry!!! I totally understand if you don't read this whole thing. If I were to read I'd probably bore myself to teats too. Also, for those of you who read it and were there for any of these events, please don't be mad if I left anything out. I can't touch everything, nor would you want me to. I have had a busy few weeks but its all been very fun!!

Now I must get back to work! Loves to you all!

oops on the whole "this will be short" thing... :)