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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Questions: Why is it that when you are driving and looking for an address you turn the radio down?
Answer: Because I have to concentrate and I can't with the radio blasting, duh!

That question was on my google page as a "Question to ponder." I usually do have to ponder the question for bit but this time I knew the answer, no pondering necessary. :)

The word of the day is propensity: (noun) An innate inclination; a tendency. I like this word, it's fun to say. Another fun word to say, and which happens to be a synonym for propensity, is proclavity. Anyone wanna leave a comment with a fun use of either of these words? My brain is shot for the moment, I'm having trouble thinking of something good.

Today is National Blueberry Pancake day. Try these from Eat Better America (they make my mouth water just lookin at 'em...yumm!). Here is another one you can try (plus, if you scroll down, she has listed some other yummy sounding recipe's that you may just have to check out).

- Tabs out

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The new man in my life

This is Sam. Ain't he adorable? I mean handsome. He's 5. He is definitely the coolest guy I've been hangin out with a lot lately. His mom, Rachel (whom I have been friends with since '94), Sam and I all went out for coffee (or chocolate milk for one person in our group) and some shopping on Sunday. Then we all came back to my apartment (aparently Sam squealled when he heard I lived in one and he was gonna get to see it) and played with Sam's animals and cars. It was a blast and he is the funniest kid! The could not have been better and made me that more excited to spend more time with this fabulous family (missing were Mark, Rachel's husband, and Grant, who's 2).

Monday morning, though, was the topper to this cake. Rachel sent me a text saying"
Sam just told his friend that he got to go to a special place yesterday. His
friend said Chuckie Cheese? Sam said no, I got to go to coffee with my friend
OH MY GOSH!!! Life does not get better than that. That seriously gave me chills and I couldn't stop smiling and telling everyone about that. Seriously, I just told everyone in my office and showed them the picture. :)