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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Hi friends. It has been awhile. A lot has been happening around these parts. I've been busy. I'm actually still busy. But I just couldn't take it anymore. I have to post. It won't be much but a couple of pictures to bring you up to speed. Love you all!

Last wednesday we had Senior Banquet. It was a beautiful and fun night. Lots of people came, lots of people helped, it was great. I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off but I had several girls around me (including my mom who gave me a good mom-comforting hug when I needed it) to keep me sane. A HUGE THANK YOU to all those that helped out with that night in any way, you are so awesome!!!! Bekah even stopped by to give me a little moral support. :)

Beks and I drove to San Fransisco over Memorial Day weekend and had a blast galavanting around the city with Liz (her sis) and her husband Josh. They are a super fun couple and I wish I had gotten to know them better when they were living here. But really, what member of the Tucker family isn't super fun? Anyway, we had an absolute blast and I can't wait to go back again! Oh and I found my new favorite store (we went twice)

Alright, thats all I have time for now so I'll leave you with the parting pictures:Stop freakin' out, it's all our feet (mine, Liz and Beks whose you can't really see but for the very toe of the shoe).

Oh...I love you Leafies!! (And miss you Leafies who aren't in the picture!)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

What is your favorite household object?

I think I want to rephrase that question a bit. What is your favorite item in your house? Something you just love to use or look at or whatever. It doesn't matter, just wanted to get you thinking AND I wanted to tell you what mine is. :) My shower radio. I love it! I got it for christmas '06 from the 'rents and they really hit one out of the park with this cheap gift (and I do not mean "cheap" in a bad at all). I find showers to be a necessary chore. They are very important for good hygiene but they can be so boring, tedious and routine. I just do not (for the most part) look forward to them. However, since I recieved this little bit of technology goodness my showers have become something that I actually look forward to. :)
There might be a few people out there that are appauled at me right now...hmmm...oh well. I don't apologize for my weirdness, just that ask you to embrase it and share your weirdness with me.

Today, May 8th, is National Shrimp Day. I wouldn't call my self a huge shrimp fan, but once in awhile it sounds good. If they are done right they can be quite tasty. Does anyone have any recipe recomendations for shrimp? I found this great looking recipe at Cooking Light that combines shrimp with asparagus, what a great way to celebrate today and the month of May. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Check this stuff out.

May 4th is National Orange Juice Day.

May is National Asparagus Month. Asparagus is an excellent source of vitamin K, the B vitamin folate, vitamin C, and vitamin A. I am going to celebrate this wonderful veggie and enjoy it in my salad today for lunch. :) Here are a lot of different recipe's that use this wonderful veggie so try em out if you get a chance.

May 8th, is National Coconut Cream Pie Day. I'm personally not a huge fan of coconut, but this does look mighty tasty.

May is National Hamburger Month. Okay, this is weird. This morning I was looking up pictures of burgers for an event that we do for the high school students called Burger Bash/Car Smash. While searching for the pictures I was wondering to myself if there was a National Hamburger Day or anything of the sort. Low-and-behold, when I checked my email for the day (a little late) and read my daily Hungry Girl email I discovered that there is not just a day for hamburgers but a whole stinkin' month and it's May. Craziness! Anyway, too bad our Burger Bash isn't until June. OH well, I think the kids will survive. :)

If you are needing something to do and you live in the Portland or surrounding area's, go visit Cooper's Coffee shop on Stark and 60th. It's a great little coffee shop that serves sandwiches, desserts, coffee, tea and even wine. The main reason I want to let you all know of this great little coffee shop is because my brother-in-law, Karl, has a "show" there for the month of May. When you visit you have to take note of the pictures on the wall because they are all taken by him (at least I think). He is one phenomenal photographer AND painter so you don't want to miss this great opportunity. Not only will you get to see some great art you will enjoy a fun new place to coffee/food/wine. And if you like any he will be glad to sell them to you, he even frames them all nice, it's great.

Here is a cute little bunny statue that is sitting on my sis's porch right now. When she showed it me on Saturday guess what instantly popped into my head. Remember that Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots game? Do you see it? We got a great big laugh out of that.

Now I must head to the dentist's office. Yay, fun times for me. Hope you all have a great day!

Friday, May 4, 2007

"Laugh and Sniff"

Well, last night My Name Is Earl took tv viewing to new heights. They promoed last nights episode as "A Special Laugh 'n Sniff Episode." That totally peaked my curiousity so I went straight out and bought this weeks copy of TV Guide, which had an insert that you ripped out to use while you watched the show. There were 6 bubbles, 3 on one side and three on the other, that were numbered. When you saw a number pop up on the screen during the course of the 30 minute episode you would locate the bubble on your sheet and well, scratch and sniff. It was so fun! It was like we were part of the show or something. Not only that but they also paid homage to the movie Rudy (which is such an amazing movie!). They brought in some of the movies original cast members in it Sean Astin (Rudy himself), Charles S. Dutton (Fortune), and Chelcie Ross (Dan Devine) and even used lines from the movie. It was great! Way to go Kristin for catching that.

The front...
and the back (and Bekah demonstrating what we had to do during the show)

The 6 bubble smells were as follows:
1: laundry detergent
2: oreo's (not a great scratch 'n sniff smell)
3: cinnamen (we actually missed this one and Linda had to tell me this morning what it was)
4: I can't remember this one (did anyone else watch it? Do you know what this smell was?)
5: new car smell
6: bad collogne (they made us smell this one several times, whenever Sean Astin was on tv actually)

Scratching the bubble (Beks is very intently reading the very TV Guide the scratch 'n sniff sheet came out of)
smelling the bubble.
Kristin and Beks entertaining themselves during the oh so boring and long commercial breaks.
Kristin, Beks and I crammed on my little couch

My new favorite picture of Bekah (being her cool, bad self chillaxin' at my apt).

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The first installment (of many)

Tams, Tabs, Mar...the cruisin' buddies.

Well, I finally got the long awaited CD of pictures of the cruise I took in December from Marilee (the first time she sent it to me, she left the CD out of the CD case...hehehe). Anyway, there are, like, 1000+ pictures so I'll only choose a few of my favorites (which is SO HARD!) and even then I'll have to show them in little increments. Here ya go...

A beautiful sunset, as usual... This is in Cozumel, Mexico, where we went snorkeling.
This is our ship (miss you!)
Fish faces, aren't we cute?
Tams, myself, and Mar making angry faces because we had to wait FOREVER to get to the ship the day we left port and we were STARVING!!

That's me in the brown shirt scurry up the wall (I didn't really scurry cause I was a little scared, I know, your all shocked).
Here is the crew of "kids" that were in our party. We just enjoyed the best key lime pie I have ever eaten (I haven't eatin many so that isn't hard).
This turtle was not very nice because, as you can see, it splashed me. Bad turtle.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Playing catch up

Lets see, last Monday night was the first Heroes in awhile and let me tell you that show ROCKS!!! If you haven't been watching it then you need to get ready to rent it when it comes out on DVD and get caught up so you can watch it next season. IT IS AN AWESOME SHOW! It so beats out Lost and 24 and I stand by those words! Anyone else agree?

Last Wednesday was National Administrative Professionals Day. Ryan, Lenny, and Zach took Bev, Cherianne and myself out to lunch. How very kind of them! When we got back someone had left balloons and chocolate on all the secretaries desks (it was Adrienne Burrell, how sweet is she?!).

Thusday I got a big stupid headache and was out of commision for the night (couldn't even have Beks over to watch The Office and Grey's Anatomy).

Friday, April 27th, was National Prime Rib Day. Not gonna say much about this.

Friday night I went to a Mary Kay party at my friend Stephanie's house. It was a super fun time, I love talking makeup and face stuff. :)

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day so Beks and I went to the park and laid in the sun for awhile. Then we took coffee over to Kristin who was in the process of moving (we thought she needed a little break and figured a latte and ourselves were the perfect distraction).

Monday, April 30th, was National Oatmeal Cookie Day. Here is a divine sounding recipe from Cooking Light (Oatmeal, white chocolate, and strawberry cookie). The nice thing about oatmeal cookie recipe's is you can put in whatever extra things you find to be tasty and it will work. I love walnuts and a little rum extract. Oh, tasty!!

Tuesday was the first of May! Yay for May!! May is National Salsa month and National Egg month. Good thing those two can work well together or that could have been weird.
Please celebrate this month by making a super, SUPER yummy, quick and easy salsa recipe that I know you and everyone you serve it to will love (promise, just as the redheads). And here is how I love to eat my eggs...just so you know.