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Friday, June 26, 2009

The best bouquet to recieve by mail EVER!!

Hmmm...some sweet words...for me...not you. ;)
Oh my goodness, you think it looks good?

Oh yeah... tastes EVEN BETTER!!!

Thank you ever so much Scott!

New and exciting happenings...

Meet Scott.
He's a good and fun guy.
I think I'll keep him around for awhile...a good long while actually :)

Long and random picture post...just sayin...

Had a wedding shower for Krista a few weeks ago (before the wedding, OF COURSE!) and got to see our gaggle of high school girlies that I miss so much! (Krista, Me, Rachel, Steph, Lisa). I would like to add, I am the only one not married. Go me!

Awe, I love us.

Oh, I miss these boys being around the office all the time. I hate summer and I hate graduation. Okay, maybe not. ;)

Sam, Rachel, Me, and Grant. :)
a href="">I got to hang out with my other friend Jenn (I seriously have a lot of fabulous Jenns in my life, it's ridiculous!) whom I haven't connected with in FOREVER!! Love her!!!

I so love this picture of me and the boys (Grant on the left and Sam leaning on me from the right). This was awhile back when I tagged along on the Deuel family outing and I just had to put it up cause it makes me happy to look at. :)

This summer, Student Ministries decided to take a different approach to their normal "5-day Club" program that they have been doing for years and try something called "Kids In The Park." They went to three different parks for three days and rounded up the kids and played games, told stories, made wordless bracelets, had bbq's and candy, sang songs...all in all, it was a pretty sweet deal and each club had 50+ kids show up, which is awesome!

Sara, me and Kayla...I love these girls. Such sweethearts who have sweet hearts for the students. Doesn't get any better, right?

Krista get's hitched!

These are out of order, but I really don't care. Enjoy!

Got to spend lots of time with these two lovely life-long friends (Rach and Steph). I should mention that this is Sunday morning at the butt crack of dawn after something like 4 hours of sleep.

Got to see this wonderful lady friend (former co-worker at the church) who has been living in the "wonderful" state of OK for awhile now...and whom we all love and miss dearly!

It was a very lovely wedding and she made a VERY beautifully calm bride. And Jason was pretty cool too! ;)

Rachel and I were bridesmaids together, talk about super fun times!

Saw some old friends who made college living SO MUCH more enjoyable! (pictured: Tabbers, Autumn, Krista, Rachel, and Lauren).

Awe, Stephanie, I love you. She is the best right hand gal you can have helping in a wedding.
Krista, it was a blast being invited to come and be a part of your wedding. Even more than that, it was an honor. Thank you so much for being my friend for all these years, we sure do have a lot of fun memories and I sure can't wait to see what is in store for you and Jason.
Also, can't wait to come and visit again!!