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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's been a long time

Sorry I haven't been very good and keeping up with my blogging. Here's how things have been since I posted last.
Week 17
We are having ourselves a boy! Woot!!
And such a great looking little man too!
I should say that I have been feeling SO SO SO SO much better since I entered the 2nd trimester. No more morning sickness. Phew.
Now it's on to heartburn. Yay. :)
Week 20
Week 21
Week 22
One way we celebrated baby's 22nd week was by taking my parents and
our little boy to their first game.
I think baby liked his first game. He jumped around a few times.
Week 23
Week 24
And then last night we said goodbye to some friends of ours and a pastor at our church, Dan and Karina Franklin. They are expecting their 3rd boy. Karina is about 2 weeks behind me but you wouldn't know it looking at the pictures below. She was smart and wore black. Ha!
Oh, and I should mention that I've been feeling loads of movement.
In fact, this very morning he's been so active it's crazy. I can't figure out what I could have possibly eaten that made him so excited. Maybe he just loves the ladies that I work with. I do know that he already seems to know his daddy's voice. Saturday Rachel and I couldn't get him to move at all but as soon as Scott came home he began jumping around. It was great and such a fun moment for us parents. :)