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Friday, February 29, 2008

So the Redhead's and I did a mad lib type thing the other day and I thought it was pretty funny. Enjoy.

Going to work, I spilled coke (beverage) on my jeans and button down white shirt (favorite outfit). I said, "Oh crap!"(expletive), prayed no one would notice, then stepped into poop (disgusting thing), ruining my boots (best shoes). My cell phone rang; it was Tom (name of vile ex), saying he'd gotten engaged. I stopped for pasta (comfort food) but was in line behind a slimy (negative adjective) guy who was so busy biting his nails (bad habit ending in -ing) that he took longer than a sloth (slow animal) to buy his pastrami (deli item). To top it off, I was 8 (number) hours late getting in and stayed 'til 9 p.m.. to finish filing (boring task). Once I got home, I grabbed my Suzie Bake Oven (childhood toy) and a giant bag of 3 musketeers (candy). Is it tomorrow yet?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Funny word of the day

I just got the word of the day in my mailbox and just loved it enough to share it with you all...since a lot of you can relate to this (although maybe not more than myself).

sitzmark \SITS-mark\ noun

: a depression left in the snow by a skier falling backward

Example sentence:
Proper skiing etiquette dictates that a skier who falls in the middle of a trail should smooth over his or her sitzmark so it won't pose a hazard to other skiers.

Okay, what? I didn't know there was proper ettiquette where marks in the snow were concerned. According to this I have terrible skiing ettiquette. HA!

I feel I should aso inform you that the great month of February...
- Great American Pie Month
- National Cherry Month
- National Blah Buster Month
- National Embroidery Month
- National Grapefruit Month
- National Snack Food Month
- National Weddings Month
- Responsible Pet Owner Month
- Return Carts to the Supermarket Month
- Creative Romance Month
- International Twit Award Month
- Canned Food Month

And, just in case any of you are keeping track, it is less than 10 days till my 28th birthday. :)

Fun times in the office

Ryan came in today (I know, a rarity on a Friday) and brought his little girls with him. Aren't they adorable? Oh my goodness, we just couldn't get enough. They sat and watched The Incredibles. Well, Ashlynn watched the movie while Lorelai (aka lie lie) moved around giving me her juice cup then asking for it back then giving it back to me to hold, then playing with "duckie" - the little stuffed turtle that sits on my desk. Let me just say that it very much brightened up my otherwise not so exciting Friday morning. I told Ryan this needs to become our Friday ritual.

Aren't they just the cutest little girls? Look at those curls and those smiles. When I asked them to smile for the camera they would both say cheese...their parents have taught them well.

And this was adorable. Ashlynn asked her daddy to come sit on the couch with her...SO CUTE!
yum, tasty juice cup.

Oh, and the DUNES sweatshirts came in today. We have boys hoodies and girl hoodies. I didn't get a picture of the boys (hello, I'm a girl so I don't really care...just kidding of course) but here are Linda S. and myself sporting the sweet girls sweatshirts. I like them cause they are light and can be worn in on cool summer nights or under a jacket on cold winter days. Very versital...and cool, can't beat that combo. Oh, and they say "stay strong." John Lewis did the graphic design, he is pretty much amazing.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Lent is here folks. Yesterday was Fat Tuesday and today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the lent season...which is the 40 days until Easter (which does not include the Sunday's in between now and then, so it's really more like 46 days).

So, in honor of the Lent season I have decided to give up my precious morning coffee. No more coffee for me and hopefully I'll use those coffee urges to be reminded of who the Lord is, how GREAT He is, and what a great sacrifice He made for us.

I should also say (confess, maybe?) that this means that I will be drinking more tea, which is better for me anyways. :)

So, good bye yummy black coffee...

...hello hot tea...

and my new friends...

Are any of you out there giving up anything for Lent?

Oh, I should also mention that my birthday is in just 11 days. YAY FOR BIRTHDAYS!