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Sunday, April 30, 2006

New favorite ice cream

YUM is all I can say guys. You have to go try this new flavor by the genius's of Dreyers slow churched ice cream. They have come out with several new flavores but the one that I tried today is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! It's vanilla ice cream with swirls of peanut butter and little peanut butter cups. Doesn't that just make your mouth water? Sure does mine...and I just had some. And the other thing to mention that makes it just wonderful is that it is lower in fat and calories...and still tastes delicious, I promise!!! If you guys go out and try this please come back and let me know what you think.

Have a great (and tasty) day!!


Friday, April 28, 2006


Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!! Marilee called me last night with a very interesting questions. Would you like to know what it was? Well, I don't care either way cause I'm going to tell you anyway. She asked me....okay, let me calm down for a second...she asked me if I wanted to join her family on a cruise in December. A CRUISE!! IN DECEMBER!!! OH MY GOSH, YES! I can hardly contain my excitement just typing the words! I about passed out when she told me and I'm not kidding, you can ask Marilee. Its so funny, well maybe not really...but it's so funny cause I just told Marilee that I want to go on a cruise next year for my big vacation and I wanted her to try and come too cause that just sounded like the best idea ever. She said that would be fun and we should really try and do it. Well, then I get this call from her last night and here she is inviting me to go with the whole Kelso clan (plus Tams, I think) on a Carribean cruise in December! Thats this year, not next year but THIS year! I think I'm more excited about this than going to Kauai. Oh, thats right, Kauai. I'm going to Kauai in September!!! Oh, I can't wait for that, too! What a great year this will turn out to be if I go to Kauai AND go on a the same year! Did I mention yet that THE KELSO FAMILY ROCKS!!!! They are a super fun family and to get to go on a cruise with them will be such a blast I can't even imagine. Well, phew...I'm exhausted just from being so excited about it and I only just heard about it last night. WOW! Okay, I'm sorry to lay all this on you all but I am just way to excited to contain it and this seemed like a great way to get it out of my system (well, sort of out of my system). Now all I have to do is keep my eyes open for tickets to Houston in December. Oh, this traveling stuff is fun!! Maybe next year can be my European trip. Hmmmm....

Have a great weekend everyone!


Last night my dad and I went to the Junior High production of Antsilvania. It was a super cute musical filled with great costumes, sets and talent. I was very impressed by the whole event. The kids sang very well for having to be up onstage acting and singing in front of family and friends. I know I would have been a basket case having to do what they were doing. My little friend Melanie (who actually is taller than me so I don't know why I still call her that) was the Mom spider and she did great! It was a fun evening and I'm glad I got to enjoy it. Now, maybe next year we can get some more people out there to support the students. :)


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

One small step for American Idol, one giant leap for Tabitha

Well, Tuesday night I did something I have never done before. I actually voted for an "American Idol." Like I've mentioned before, I have never really gotten into the show before this season (so that is a first right there). Even during this season I've not been moved enough to feel the urgency to place my small and barely noticable vote for anyone. Tuesday night was different though. Chris had such an amazing performance that I felt he deserved to recieve my very first American Idol vote. The song he chose was great, his outfit was great, and he just looked great and very comfortable up on stage. That singing on the floor advice seemed to really help him. :) Way to go Chris!

I was torn, though because I really thought Elliot and Kathrine sang great as well. I think it will come down to those three and that makes me excited. I think (and kind of hope) that Taylor goes home next week, though. I'm getting tired of him just a bit. He's a great singer but he is kind of weird. And this week was no where near his best. Maybe next week he'll do a 180 and completely change my opinion. I thought Paris did a pretty good job too, but I just don't know if she will make it to the last 3. She has a pretty amazing voice though, I'm not worried about her even if she leaves next week. She has a huge future in front of her.

Oh, and finally (!!!), we bid farwell to Kellie Pickler. She was never one of my favorite's. She was a cute and sweet girl, but seriously...not the brightest light on Broadway. We wish you well in the future Kellie!

That is my humble take on American Idol. Any comments?

Love all!


Monday, April 24, 2006

Lot's o' pictures

Well, several things have happened in the last two weeks that I have taken pictures of so I thought I would share them all with you. First off, a little over a week ago, the whole Student Ministries staff (including the college dept.) took a staff retreat to beautiful Sun River. Here we all are working very hard. :)
Then on Thursday I went to Trader Joes with my former roommate (who also got engaged and married while we lived together) whom I haven't seen in a very long time. It so good to hang out with her and do some catch up.
Friday was a beautiful day and I got to spend a part of it driving to and from Paper Zone down town. I also wore a turtle neck sweater (typical Oregon weather, it started out raining and chilli, I should have known better). I look kinda mad, but I'm not. I'm just trying to look like I'm paying attention to the road.
I also got some pictures of the flowers around my apartment. My good friend Jenny came over Friday afternoon and we hung out and did some catching up too. It was great fun. Look at us all ready for that wonderful warm weather (we tried sitting by the pool but it was too windy and cold so we had to go back in and get warm; we're dorks...or at least I am)

Saturday was another beautiful day and we took advantage of that during the morning hours by doing service projects all around Gresham with the High school students and an older group called the M&M's (I don't know what that stands for, I should find that out). It was great fun and we had a pretty good turn out. My group went to Shepherds Door and pulled weeds, edged the lawn, planted trees and all sorts of other fun lawn maintenance stuff.

Sunday, again, was absolutly georgous (I feel like a broken record, but we haven't seen the sun like this for awhile) so I had to take advantage of it again. After having lunch with the fam (burgers outside on the grill) I went and hiked up Angels Rest which is in the Gorge. Which by the way is one of the best hiking area's in the US. :) But, OH, my goodness, Angel's Rest is one of the most beautiful hikes. It's not too hard and it has such amazing views from all different points on the hike. Of course the best one's are on the top (look, you can see my hands in my glasses, weird).

Phew...there ya go everyone. Sorry there were so many pictures but I just didn't have time to put them up as I took them. And sorry I'm so weird with taking pictures of myself...well, actually, I'm not sorry. If you know me at all, you know that's just how I am. I've never been camera shy. Maybe I should work on that a bit. :)

Love you all!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Watch this

I just found this video on someone's blog and found it very intriging. I found it to be rather interesting...

I found this one on the same site...there isn't much to be said about it but be ready to learn some great moves.


Okay, first let me just say that I can't believe I am watching American Idol this season. I've never gotten into it before and I don't know why I'm watching it so closely this year. I'm a little mad at myself for it, but oh well, whats a girl gonna do. I've gotten sucked in and I actually don't want to get out right now. So I suppose I just have to continue to watch, comment and make my predictions along with everyone else in America (and fully enjoy myself in the process).

And now on to the good stuff...America finally figured out what I've been thinking for awhile now. Scar-touching, curly haired pretty-boy Ace got the boot and it was about time! Now we are finally down to the great singers (well, bring back Mandisa and kick off Kelly and we can call it good) and things can get serious.

Oh for the love! This picture just kills me.

Ace, I should say that I'm sure you are a nice guy. I hope things work out for you. You do have a good voice but cut the hair (if you don't cut it, NEVER put it in a pony tail again) and promise that there will be no more touching of the scar, maybe we can talk again.

I don't know who I want to win yet though. I really like all the contestants at this point (except Kelly). Maybe next week I'll have my prediction. I think I might be leaning toward Kathrine McPhee, she did fabulous this week.

Love to all!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Spring is here to stay folks...

Spring is here and I am so happy about it I could just bust! Outside it feels great, it smells great and it looks great!! I LOVE IT!!! The one and only thing that is kind of sad is that I don't have a window to look out and see the wonderful weather. Which could be a good thing because then I'm not distracted by it....hmmm. Anyway, here are some pictures I took to show you just how wonderful it is today around my little church...

Flowers are so beautifully refreshing and calming aren't they? I could just look at them all day long...

Here is a bee that got squished...sad...but it's great to see bee's again (sort of), it means the flowers are out. :) Gotta find the good in the not so good.

Apparently the school is having a book fair. How fun! I loved book fairs when I was kid...oh, wait, I still do... Anyway, I thought this sign was just super cute and springy so I took a picture of it.

Boy it sure is sunny out! (Please let me tan, please let me tan, please let me tan!!)
Here are the redheads, looking so happy and springy. They are the most darling ladies to work with. Their laughter is completely infectious! We really do have the best "receptionists" ever!
There's my shadow, givin' ya a wave hello from sunny Oregon. :)
And last but most assuradly not least, here is our beautiful mountain, Mt. Hood, basking in the warm sunshine (even though there is snow up there)...and then here is just another shot of the beautiful scenery around our church in the glorious weather. Look at those magnificent trees. I know I say this a lot but I sure do love Oregon.

Can you tell that I am loving the weather today? I hope wherever you are at, wether it be in Oregon, Oklahoma, Europe or Japan, that you are having a great day just like me! :)

Love you all!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter eggs!!!

My dad and I still love coloring eggs, and thankfully my dad still loves to hide them because I still love to hunt them down. Here we are fulfilling our yearly egg coloring quota. I think they turned out rather nicely if I do say so myself. I have to admit though, that I also love to find those plastic eggs too, they usually something a bit better in them than a cooked egg white and yolk. :) Here's my dad getting ready to try and beat me at Easter egg memory (the game came with the coloring kit). I would like to say, thought, that I am the reigning champion. Here I am concentrating very hard on making sure each egg turns out beautiful. It's a hard job but someone has to do it.

And here my dad and I proudly display a couple of the eggs we made.

Aren't we talented? :)

Anyone else do anything fun for Easter? Do share....


A great weekend!

This weekend flew by but it had a lot of fun moments. First, as you all already know, I ran my first 1/2 marathon of the year. It was so great I can't even tell you because you'll probably think I'm crazy. I had great music to listen to, the race was out in the trees and hills of beautiful Oregon (it did rain the whole time and was quite muddy, but hey, thats Oregon for ya), I didn't feel dead tired during the run like I did last year (but my thighs did start screaming at me at about the 11th mile marker), and I got second place in my age group. I know I've already said this but I can't wait to run my next race. There is something to be said about finishing a half marathon, there's such a feeling of comraderie with all the other runners and a feeling of great accomplishment. It's a total rush, I love it! My sister didn't end up going because she had work to finish (yuck, who likes to do work on the weekend) so it was just Karl and I, and we had a great time hanging out. I have to say, I just love my brother-in-law. He is a fun guy and I'm so glad that he is a part of our family. The rest of saturday is sort of a blur: I went out for mexican with Sam and Karl, high-tailed it church (I did shower first, no worries), had a Mentor/Leaders meeting and then went home and went to bed. I was one tired girl.

Sunday rolled around, bright and sunny, and Kristin and I went to breakfast downtown at Stepping Stone Cafe. Kristin and I both got whole wheat pancakes with fresh strawberries (mine had blueberries in it too). It was oh so very delicious, and I can't wait to go back again. We've decided we want to make a point to go to breakfast downtown at least twice a month. I mean, its great cause we have breakfast pretty early and then we can walk around 23rd or the Pearl in the morning light and enjoy window shopping and great conversation. This is why I love Portland! It's such a fabulous city, not too big but not too small. We have wonderful hole in the wall restaurants that serve great fresh and organic food. Seriously, come visit, we'll have a blast! :) After hanging out with Kristin I went to my Financial Peace class at church. It was great, as always. Ramsey talked about the 5 things we need to do before we make a serious purchase (something over $300 or so), which I can't think of right now so sorry if you thought I was going to give you some great saving/spending advice. My mom was leading the monthly women's lunch/bible study that they have at their church so my dad and I went out to lunch at Thai Orcid (we'll have to go when you get back, Bekah). The pad thai was great, but I still want to try it at Typhoon, dad. :) I finished the day by hanging out with my best friend Rachel. I love it, we can go months without seeing eachother with just the occasional email or chat on the phone but when we finally get together it's like no time has passed at all. I was able to see her precious boy Sam for a little bit (who did have a not so precious moment while Rachel was trying to get him dressed, apparently he prefers his birthday suit). He is talking and it's so fun to listen to him, even if I can't understand everything he says. Mark was gracious enough to take Sam while Rachel and I went shopping at Trader Joe's (my favorite health food store ever!). It was so very good to hang out with her and hear all about how things are going with her family and her new pregnancy. I think I already said this but she is having a boy and his name is going to be Grant. Just like my daddy...okay, maybe they aren't naming him after my dad but it is my dads name so I'll just tell people that they are. :) Here are some pics of mommy and son. Don't they make a cute pair?
And then here is Sam before clothes...
and after clothes. I think I already told you which one he prefers. :)

Well, sorry this is a bit late and sorry I didn't have more pictures. Basically my camera sucks! Dad's camera to the rescue! :) Have a great day everyone!


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Good-bye Ace, you are not the champion...

You have got to go my friend. I haven't liked you from the beginning and your fate was sealed last week when you touched your scar (it gives me a gross feeling just remembering it). Now I'm not saying I love everyone else but first things first, we must kick Ace to the curb. See ya later, have a safe flight home.

Easter M&M's

There is something to be said for Easter M&M's. I know I'm stating the obvious but they are such a comfort food for. Duh, Tabitha, who doesn't think of m&m's as a comfort food. But seriouesly, I just love Easter m&m's. I think it has everything to do with the color of these wonderful little yummies. Just seeing all those pastel colors mixed together, its so pretty and reminds me of spring. When I eat them I can't help but smile. I love them! And Ruthie has some on her desk right now and every time I go in there I have to have some. I even make up reasons to go over there so I can get some m&m's. What is your favorite Easter candy?


Saturday, April 8, 2006

Half-Marathons rock my world

Well, I ran my second half-marathon this morning. I'm super tired so I'm going to keep this extremely short. I ran it in 1:51:31. That translates to 8:30 miles. Not bad for not having trained. It rained, I got soaked and muddy but it was great and I can't wait to run the next one and shave off some time. Yea for running!! Oh, did I mention that I got second in my age bracket? I got a little ribbon and everything. Fun times!


Friday, April 7, 2006

Recent and upcoming events

I am so disappointed in myself right now it's not even funny. I haven't posted in what seems like forever (at least in my little world) and I apologize for that. I have been waiting for pictures to put on my blog but I haven't gotten them yet so I'll just go ahead and share whats been going on and whats coming up in my life and those lives of the people around me. Hmmm...whats been happening in my life? Not all know that I went snowboarding...and, thats about it. :) I live a pretty boring life. I am running a half marathon tomorrow morning though that I'm pretty pumped about. Much like my friend Lindsy (who's blog I just read), I have not really been training like I should but thats okay cause I'm not going to push myself like I did last year (when I ran it in 1 hr and 47 minutes). I'm hoping that this race will encourage me to get outside to run more and to train for hopefully a full summer of races. This I do have my handy dandy ipod that will hopefully keep my mind off my legs and the miles left to run and help push me through to that finish line. Last time I only had my thoughts and the random word exchanges with the other runners to keep my mind occupied (which didn't really work very well for me). The race is out in Vernonia (close to the beach and a very beautiful place, but that goes without saying since I do live in Oregon) so it will be totally new running terrain for me. It is about an hour away though, so we (I'm going with my sis and her husband) have to leave pretty darn early in the morning and then drive home after our long run with our sore muscles. I'm not really looking forward to that so much, we'll probably all fall out of the car and have to lay on the pavement till a good samaritan comes by and helps us. I'm hoping when we get home, we'll go out to our favorite pizza place in Portland, American Dream Pizza. Oh my goodness people, it is so amazing! If you ever come visit, I'll definitely take you here, they honestly make the best pizza.

Since I've already told you about my Saturday, I'll go ahead and tell ya about my Sunday since it is going to be a great, fun-filled day. Sunday morning I am having breakfast with Kristin down at the Stepping Stone Cafe. It is this fabulous little hole in the wall diner that only serves breakfast and lunch down off of 23rd st in downtown Portland. So fun, I absolutly love it and I know that Kristin will too! I just love introducing people to new restaraunts, especially when they are my favorites. They serve whole wheat pancakes as big as your plate and they are so good. Did I mention that their pancakes are as big as the plate? We're talkin huge. I think Sunday I'll try their blueberry whole wheat pancakes...yum! I just looked them up and found out that their motto is "You eat here because we let you." Thats Portland for ya, folks. Did I also mention that it's cheap? You can totally eat a great and satisfying meal for 5 bucks. Not too shabby. Then Sunday afternoon I'm hanging out with Rachel and her little man Sam, who is going to be 3 this year. Wow! I cannot say it enough but time freakin flies! Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post this weekend.

Some news that I think I can share now with everyone (seeing as it isn't my news) is that two of my dearest friends are pregnant, both with their second child. Rachel and Mark Deuel are expecting a boy in August and Lisa and Erik Granberg are expecting their baby (they don't know what they are having yet, but we are all hoping for a girl) around Thanksgiving. Also, my lovely roommate Annie got engaged last week!!! She and Jeff will be getting married in August and she will be exchanging the lovely Oregon scenery for the skyline of Chicago. I'll post a few pictures of her and Jeff and her very very beautiful ring when I get them. Hmmm...I think thats about all. I really hope I haven't left anyone out. If I did, please forgive me, or try and remember if you even told me in the first place.

Like I said, I'll hopefully be posting pictures next week. Well, this post has grown a whole lot longer than I had intended it to be. Hmmm...probably why my blog is appropriatly named mindless babble. I sure do I hope I haven't bored you too much. I'm sorry I'm boring and not funny like some of the other people out there. I'm not really a funny person so if your lookin for laughs go visit some of the people in my links section. Thats where the laughs are. I hope you all have a great weekend! Let me know what your up to, I'd love to hear about it.

152 days till Kauai!!!!! It's so far away, but like I said before, time flies so it will be here before I know it. Are you excited Mar?!

Can I add just one more thing? I know this is a totally stupid thought and thing to find fun but I just love putting links in my posts. I love it when other people do it cause then I can see what they are talking about and I love it when I can do it too. It's just fun. Okay, I'm done now. :)