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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I love this lady, she's such a smart, fun gal with great idea's when it comes to food.

Lisa Lillin is a woman after my own heart. Watch some of these videos and you'll see why. You should also visit her will love it!!! (I hope)

Thanksgiving swaps

And how fun, she has her own little video shorts with great advice.

And I own the book pictured above and it is great!!!

A hippo for Christmas? Really?

Yep, really. This song was supposedly written by to help the Detroit zoo get a hippo, which they did, back in 1953. Random. And they still play the song every Christmas...and probably always will. Interesting little fact. And in fact, the hippo was presented to the little girl, Gayla Peevey, who sang the song and she gave it over to the zoo. Seriously guys? What did you think she was gonna do with it? Ride it to school every morning?

It's true!!

The beloved ice cream parlor Ferrell's is in deed coming back to our town! Yay!! They had a whole segment about it on the news and everything, it's a big deal. Oh the memories from that place! And now I can finally go back and get one of their big sundae's in a trough that I never was able to enjoy before they closed up shop. ;)

And their song is rings so true..."Ferrell's is fabulous fun for everyone!"
And who doesn't want to be serenaded by a man with a monkey head, come one...

Friday, June 26, 2009

The best bouquet to recieve by mail EVER!!

Hmmm...some sweet words...for me...not you. ;)
Oh my goodness, you think it looks good?

Oh yeah... tastes EVEN BETTER!!!

Thank you ever so much Scott!

New and exciting happenings...

Meet Scott.
He's a good and fun guy.
I think I'll keep him around for awhile...a good long while actually :)

Long and random picture post...just sayin...

Had a wedding shower for Krista a few weeks ago (before the wedding, OF COURSE!) and got to see our gaggle of high school girlies that I miss so much! (Krista, Me, Rachel, Steph, Lisa). I would like to add, I am the only one not married. Go me!

Awe, I love us.

Oh, I miss these boys being around the office all the time. I hate summer and I hate graduation. Okay, maybe not. ;)

Sam, Rachel, Me, and Grant. :)
a href="">I got to hang out with my other friend Jenn (I seriously have a lot of fabulous Jenns in my life, it's ridiculous!) whom I haven't connected with in FOREVER!! Love her!!!

I so love this picture of me and the boys (Grant on the left and Sam leaning on me from the right). This was awhile back when I tagged along on the Deuel family outing and I just had to put it up cause it makes me happy to look at. :)

This summer, Student Ministries decided to take a different approach to their normal "5-day Club" program that they have been doing for years and try something called "Kids In The Park." They went to three different parks for three days and rounded up the kids and played games, told stories, made wordless bracelets, had bbq's and candy, sang songs...all in all, it was a pretty sweet deal and each club had 50+ kids show up, which is awesome!

Sara, me and Kayla...I love these girls. Such sweethearts who have sweet hearts for the students. Doesn't get any better, right?

Krista get's hitched!

These are out of order, but I really don't care. Enjoy!

Got to spend lots of time with these two lovely life-long friends (Rach and Steph). I should mention that this is Sunday morning at the butt crack of dawn after something like 4 hours of sleep.

Got to see this wonderful lady friend (former co-worker at the church) who has been living in the "wonderful" state of OK for awhile now...and whom we all love and miss dearly!

It was a very lovely wedding and she made a VERY beautifully calm bride. And Jason was pretty cool too! ;)

Rachel and I were bridesmaids together, talk about super fun times!

Saw some old friends who made college living SO MUCH more enjoyable! (pictured: Tabbers, Autumn, Krista, Rachel, and Lauren).

Awe, Stephanie, I love you. She is the best right hand gal you can have helping in a wedding.
Krista, it was a blast being invited to come and be a part of your wedding. Even more than that, it was an honor. Thank you so much for being my friend for all these years, we sure do have a lot of fun memories and I sure can't wait to see what is in store for you and Jason.
Also, can't wait to come and visit again!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

seriously random but...

I like my finger prints. Yep, it's a true statement from me to you.

And yes, I did actually take a few moments (while stopped at a stop light, mind you) to inspect them the other day and decided I am rather happy my unique set of swirls.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sleeplessness...I hate you. Not too fond of untimely sleepiness either for that matter.

So, Tuesday morning I got up to use the restroom at 2:15 am. Not that strange, I usually get up once or twice during the night (dang 8 glasses of water!). However, when I got back into bed I could not, COULD NOT, fall back asleep. I laid there for about 35 minutes, trying my darndest to get back to the wonderful dream I had been having before the potty break, but couldn't do it. My brain WOULD NOT shut off, and I wasn't even thinking about important things. I decided I might as well do some reading since I obviously wasn't going back to bed anytime soon. I grabbed the book I've been readin' (Harlon Coban's Hold On Tight, I think?) and finished it (only had about 5 chapters left, not like half the book or anything, but still, 5 chapters!). Once I was done with the book, and still awake as ever, I had to embrace the fact that I was most likely not EVER going to fall back asleep. Not fun to embrace at 3:15 AM. I got up and made my bed, tidied up the kitchen, ate some fruit, folded the clothes in the dryer that had gotten all wrinkly (cause they'd been in there for a few days) and then finally just decided to go to the gym a little early. Grrrr!!! Did get to work a little early though, which meant I could leave early so I could go to bed early.

But the last two nights I have been able to get a good solid 8 hoursish of sleep and wake up pretty easily and relatively refreshed in the AM which I wasn't sure would happen but am very thankful for.

However, NOW, I'm feeling a slump coming on...actually it is has hit me like a ton of bricks, and those bricks apparently (after looking at myself in the bathroom mirror) have taken up residence under my eyes. Yikes! They are not pretty. :) Oh goodness, I'm tired. Not good considering it's only 11:15.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A few things I read this morning...

For all you women out there, take note:

The average woman consumes (as in eats) 4-6 pounds of lipstick during her lifetime.


And a definition:

untried (adjective): Not tried or tested by experience.

No! Ya don't say. I'm just not sure about this one... Really?

Mother's day pictures

The dunch table on Sam's back patio...those are beautfiul tulips from her garden. She inherited my mother's green thumb.The Sister gettin' her grill on.The mom/baby girl duoThe daughter/dad teamThe sisters at the end of the day...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I love you Mama!!

You are a great mom, truly. I know we drive each other crazy at times but you have always been there for me and I am so thankful for you...not near as much as I should be, but I'm learning. :)


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Thumperian principle

Remember Thumper? From Bambi? A cutie right? Oh most definitely! But not only a cutie, a smart little baby bunny as well. Something that has been popping into my head a lot lately is Thumpers best phrase from the movie. If you know it, say it with me now...
"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."
I looked it up and it is apparently called The Thumperian Principle. Who knew? I certainly didn't. But I love it! And will do my best to incorporate it into my daily (since I personally need to remember it often) conversations. :) Probably going to annoy people. My favorite. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tree planting (lots of pictures coming your way)

My baby tree's one last time in their little green pot they called home for three (plus) weeks.

Filling their new home with brand new dirt (or top soil, whatever) bought just for them.
Their new home. It's so huge! They can finally stretch their roots a bit, that should feel nice. :)

Mom and I working together to plant the little greenies just right.

Me and my greenies in their new red-cracking paint home. :)

Their new home and my parents house by the pretty pink bush...much more exciting than my desk and office, I must admit.

This little guy will watch over my little greenies for me...I hope. He looks pretty stoik, I think I can trust him.

My mom got a little excited about all the planting we were doing that she had to go work on her own garden. Here she is planting some cherry tomato plants. Oh, I cannot wait for those to grow!! My mouth is watering just thinkin' about it.

And here are some pretty things growing in my mom's yard that I just had to get some pictures of. I don't know what they are but I sure do think they are fun to look at.

Linda's Thursday Dinners

So, Linda (from the front desk) has a crew that comes over to her house every Thursday night to have dinner and watch The Office. For the last several months, every week Linda and I have had a grand ol' time coming up with the meal that she will serve to the Thursday night gang. It's been fun because she has been stepping out of the comfortable cooking box (which there is nothing wrong with) that she has been in and has been trying new recipe's, new technique's, and even new tools (such as the "paddle" that she bought to flip her pizza dough, similar to the one pictured below).

She has made some pretty fabulous things including a very some fabulous pulled pork taco's and a very tasty veggie pizza (she was even sweet enough to bring a piece of the pizza to work for me to taste...and it was GOOD!).

So...I decided that since we have so much fun with this little meal planning of ours, we needed to blog about it. I have finally gotten some pictures from her from the most recent Thursday night dinner and hopefully we can keep this trend going and we can share Linda's great culinary skills and the recipe's she makes with you all out there in blogger land. :) Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :)

Here Linda has just pulled out from under the broiler her famous bacon wrapped scallops. Yum!

I tell ya, she pampers these people. Here is her other appetizer plate of crackers and brie with a jalepeno relish on top.And the dinner, foccacia bread, a nice italian dressed salad, garlic orzo, and porketta. The recipe attached is not the one she used but it will work very nicely for you. :) I have never heard of porketta but it sure does look good and she said the gang LOVED it! Oh, and she put her pork shoulder (I think that is what she used?) in the slow cooker all day and said the meat was just pull apart tender.

Okay, this is the first installment. Hopefully next week we'll have another one with this Thursday's dinner for you to try. :)

(oh, I should also mention to you that I just walked Linda through her first order of Vitalicious vitatops. Yep, I have another convert. :) Kristin, that means you're next!) ;)