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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Blogging and weddings

I just want to tell you that I am emjoying this whole blogging thing. I thought I would hate it cause I hate to journal and this kind of seemed like online journalling but it so isn't. It's much more than that. And comments are addicting. I love opening up my blog, scrolling down to the bottom of a post and seeing if the little number next to the word comment has changed (it's the best when it has, too). :) I know, I know...I've only been doing this for a few days but hopefully even after the novelty of the whole thing wears thin I'll still be able to keep up. It makes it easier when you can post pictures. That always makes it more exciting for everyone (trust me, I know this since I was a blog reader long before I was an actual blogger). So anyway, I'm having fun and I hope everyone is enjoying this blog as much as I am. I'm not really funny or super sentimental or in an exotic country so I apoligize if this gets boring. I'll try and do my best.

And since I said what I did about pictures I feel a bit compelled to post some. Hmmm, what shall I put up. How about a couple of pictures from the two weddings I was in this summer.

The first picture is of my friend Lori Bell (formerly Ford) and I right before she walked down the isle in June. It was so fun to go to Oklahoma to help out and be a part of one of my oldest and dearest college friends weddings. Lori, I love you and miss you! I bet life is much more fun now that you aren't having to follow Rachel's rules anymore...hehehe ;)

And here is a picture of Lisa Pietzold (formerly Martin) and I before she walked down the isle in July. We were roommates for roughly a year and half before this day. We had a fun time living together. I learned a lot from that girl, she is one smart cookie. Lisa, I miss ya girl and we live too close for me to be saying that. I can't wait till we start up our Trader Joe visits! :)

Oh dear, I'm sitting here counting the weddings I've been in and the number totals to 8. That is a lot....and I'm only 25. At least I know I'm loved. :)

Oh, and, Mrs. Rachel Dueul (formerly King), I would have been in 9 but someone had to go and get married in Vegas without me. You punk! Okay, just kidding, I'm just glad you are happily married to your high school sweet heart! Love ya girl!

Anywho, anyone care to share how many weddings they've been in? I know there has to be someone out there who has me beat. :)


Krista said...

Tabitha - I'm glad I have a way to keep up with you now since we're so bad at phone calls and emails. haha. I love you and I miss you. Merry Christmas!!!!!

thatkidyouknow said...


thatkidyouknow said...

I'm glad that your blog has something to read. Yeah, I love my wife, but my life sucks right now. I keep feeling like I'm due for a miracle. I like getting coments too, and looking at picutres.

Tabs said...

Krista, you need to look at my September post, there are pics of you. :) Love ya girl!!

Melissa said...

well.. tabs... considering I have acquired a plethora of bridesmaid dresses in various shades of purple.. and a couple other colors... mind you... NONE of them came to Germany with me. :-) But I honestly do not know if the wedding I was in this past summer was number 10, 11 or 12... I lost count... But you are right... it is a good reminder of how blessed we are to have close friends! I look forward to the weddings of other close friends in the future. I am getting pretty good at the bridesmaid gig...:-)

lindsy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
lindsy said...

Ok sorry about that! Let's start over.
Hey! Krista just told me about your blog. I'm so excited you have it.
Feel free to visit mine and make comments!!! :)

Tabs said...

Hey Lindsy! Now this is what I love about blogs, you can keep up on people with whom you aren't usually good at keeping up with. But Lindsy, I can't get to your blog by clicking on your name. what's the link?