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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


This might show you a bit of how I'm feeling two days before my first Dunes:

And here is what people might be wanting to call me right now. :)

Thanks for all the prayers!!!

Only 2 days till my birthday (which is getting a bit overshadowed, thats new for me) :)


Ruthie said...

Oh Tabs, you crack me up!! Just so you all know out there Tabitha is doing an incredible job and I can't think of one thing she has forgotten, except maybe to actually take the cards we talked about. :)Did anyone remember the buses?
You are great!

Melissa said...

Tabs, you are amazing! I do hope that your birthday is special in the middle of it all. :-)

I had a birthday about 7 years ago.. maybe 8 now.. anyway... my friend's wedding was that day and I was a bridesmaid... she was sweet and had her mom buy me a donut, put a candle in it and the wedding party sang me happybirthday. :-)

Krista said...

Tabs - Don't stress. I've wanted to call you a crazy woman for lesser things. haha. It's almost your birthday...Yay!

Sean said...

Hey Tabitha... Have a GREAT retreat and an even BETTER birthday! You rock! Catch ya later.

Rakel said...

Happy birthday sweet Tabs!