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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hi everyone

Well, in case you were wondering, I didn't die or fall off the face of the planet after Dunes. Trust me, I've got too much to do so those just aren't options for me (although they have sounded pretty good at times). :) Anyways, I just wanted to take just a second to show you a few pics of the kids I get to work with. But let me just say a few things before I do. First, I just found out that my dear friend Roxanna who is in Japan just had a baby girl! I am so excited for her, it even made me cry (I am also a bit emotional these days). Second, I love my daddy, he lets me vent to him and doesn't judge me, and he holds me when I cry over dumb things. My dad is great! Third, and this one is sort of cheesy, but when I left the gym this morning I heard a bird chirping and it brought a much needed smile to my face and my heart. Seriously, it was kinda weird to me too. I don't know what it was but it was so nice to hear that nice little sound and be reminded that spring is just around the corner. Oh, I can't wait. Okay, enough all this sentimental junk...on to the pictures. ;)

Here are a few kids from my bible study that meets on Sunday nights. This was at our Super Bowl party. Good times.

Here are a few pics from the infamous Dunes. There are a few of the senior girls that were in my cabin. They are all such fun girls and I had the best time sharing a cabin with them. Oh, and those are the flowers that Tyler Shackelford gave me for my birthday, what a nice guy! :) And here Tiffany Maddox and I get into character for Dunes Night Out. The theme this year was Spy/007. It was a blast and Trina had the place decked out. There are more that I want to share, but I have to get ready for the day so I will put them up later this week. It was a fabulous time and I'm so glad that I went. I had a great cabin full of fun senior girls and great leaders (Kristin Gibb and Emily Ford), the speaker was amazing (Tom Vice), the worship was awesome, and it was just all around fun. Now I know have a much better idea what Dunes is all about. And I think I like what it is all about. We had about 15 kids accept Christ and around 55 want to get baptized. WOW!! Ryan, Trina, Lenny and Holzer did a fabulous job and then we all sat back and watched the Lord work. And boy, did He work! :) These kids were on fire and it was so awesome to watch. Some of the kids have even started praying in the morning in the Barlow hallways. How cool is that?! Like I said, the Lord worked!

Well, hope everyone has a great day!

Love to you all!


Seth and Jennifer said...

Hey Tabs,

Thanks for posting the pics of Dunes and keeping us updated about what happened. It's so encouraging to hear about what happened and how God heard our prayers. It sounds like everyone had a blast!!
Thanks for working so hard, lovin the students, and just letting the Lord use you. You're pretty awesome!

Krista said...

My dear emotional Tabitha - I completely understand because it's happens to me in OKC too. I need your dad to come down here and give me a big hug. I'm glad you were able to find happiness in little things like bird chirping. You are a great friend! I love you and I miss you.

Sean said...

That's really cool Tabitha... God always does amazing stuff through student ministries. I think you're in one of the most exciting areas of the church there. By the way, I'm looking forward to spring too. I'm tired of the rain!!! :o)

Melissa said...

love ya Tabs.. so glad you are back to posting. it is good to know that if I want news of home I can look up your blog. :-) you are amazing!

K. said...

DUNES! loved it. what a great time ... our hard working student ministries staff should be celebrating this week to see all that God did in and through the weekend. it was so fun to be part of it again this year :)