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Thursday, February 2, 2006

I am apologizing now...

Okay, I am going to go ahead and apologize now for the next few weeks, but I'm going to be pretty busy until after I get back from Dunes so my posting will probably be a bit sporadic. I'm just giving you all a heads up on this, I sure don't want to leave my loyal readers in the dark about why I'm not posting as often or as much as my past has shown that I can do. Since Dunes is just 2 weeks away (well, from tomorrow) my posts will probably be less frequent and not as long. I know, doesn't seem possible but you just wait and see. And, who knows, maybe I'll do better than I think, sometimes I can surprise even myself, but I just wanted to cover all bases. Sadly, I probably won't have as much time to read the plethora of blogs that I usaually read either. Oh well, such is the rollercoaster we like to call life.

Can I just say, like I have already mentioned, that Dunes is only 2 weeks away and I am already getting tired. Things have picked up considerably this week and the end won't be coming too terribly soon. No, they haven't just picked up...their down right BUSY! Don't worry, I won't bore you, or myself, with the things that I get to do. :) But please don't think that I'm complaining. I love it, I really do. I just don't think I was quite prepared for all that went into Dunes. But thats what living and learning is all about. I've learned that there is a lot that goes into Dunes and that I will need prayer to keep my sanity and wits about me. :) Now those of you that know what Dunes is and how big it is, I would just like to inform you that we already have 220+ kids signed up. Can you believe that? Bekah can and probably will correct me on this but I believe there were about 230 kids that went to Dunes last year. WENT to Dunes, and we have almost that many signed up 2 weeks out. WHAT IN THE WORLD!? Thats tasty stuff as Ryan would say. We are gonna be sleeping in every available cubby hole of that camp and still be packed in there like sardines. Maybe I'll just go rent a room at The Breakers and kick it with Keels. :) A room to myself with a nice warm queen bed or a cabin with bad temp control, a sleeping bag and a piece of wood they like to call a bed....hhmmm, sounds like a no-brainer to me. :) No, I love this stuff, it's gonna be a blast!

Anyways, I'm exhausted and hungry so I'm going to go make my dinner, take a bath and go to bed as early as I can. Hope you all have a great day!!!

15 days to go...


Jenn said...

Dunes is going to be a blast!! Tabs, you are doing great in your new job! Don't let all the little details bog you down. It's fun working with you (even though I hardly see you). I'm looking forward to some fun hang out time at the beach (yeah Dunes is at the beach!) Maybe the Lord will provide us with a fantastic rain free beautiful sunset!!
Love ya girl!
Jenn :)

k. said...

hey, tabs! just remember that you're throwing the party of the year, for about 300 people ... and all in the name and for the service of Christ. all that hard work will pay off in students' lives now and into eternity, and you're doing a great job!!!