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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Do Tabitha and snowboarding mix?

Well, its finally here: the day I am going to stop talking about and actually learn how to snowboard. I've been trying to learn how to snowboard now for over a year, obviously trying real hard cause I haven't been up to the mountain to ski in that time. Sad and pathetic, this I know. But I am finally getting my chance to go this Saturday. Last year the snow season lasted for about 3 days tops and even those three days sucked. This year the snow has been phenomenal (from what I hear) so it's time to get my lazy (and cheap) butt up the slope, strap a board to my feet and tumble down the mountain a few times...all the while trying to looking cute decked out in my columbia sportswear gear (Yeah Right!! But thanks for the hook-up anyway sis!). The two reasons why I finally came around to the idea of snowboarding are 1) its a bit harder to do the splits when you fall when you are strapped to one board instead of two long thin sticks and 2) their boots look way more comfortable and seem easier to walk in than ski boots (which are the clunkiest things ever). If anyone has any tips for me, please please pass them on. Since I'm not even a great skier I'm a bit scared and can use all the help I can get. I'm sure I'll come back with my fair share of bumbs and bruises, which I'm excited about because I'm a bit weird and think of them more as my war wounds that I worked hard to earn and can proudly show. A bit masochistic really.
Hopefully I'll get some pictures to post of my snowboarding adventure and put them up on Sunday. I'm sure I'll look just like this girl. :)

Well, have a great day everyone!

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sara m. said...

Hey girly! I hope you survived your snowboarding adventure. You're braver than me. I have yet to cross over from the land of skis. I was on a mountain of my own on Saturday. I'll post the story soon so stay tuned. Love ya!