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Friday, March 31, 2006

I hate coming up with a title sometimes, so today I won't.

I was driving home from work yesterday listening to one of my new favorite radio stations 105.1 the Buzz, and found their topic of conversation very intriging and thought provoking. I thought it was blog worthy so I will share it with you in hopes that you will share your thoughts on this very interesting topic. What movie (or movies) have you watched a hundred times and can watch a hundred more? At first I thought it was kind of a dumb question but as I started thinking about what I would say if I called in my movie list became longer and longer. Here is part of the list of movies that I can put on if I'm sick, bored, or just doing things around the house. The great thing about these movies is that I've seen them so many times it's alright if I don't catch every scene becuase I already know it by heart.

  1. Braveheart (such a fabulous movie!! It really has it all: fighting, love, humor, you just can't go wrong)
  2. Lord of the Rings Triligy (the commentary versions are the absolute best!!)
  3. Practical Magic
  4. A League of Their Own
  5. Never Been Kissed (which has the best kissing scene ever)
  6. Forest Gump
  7. Sweet Home Alabama
  8. Goonies (well, I would watch it more if I owned it)
  9. Any of the original Star Wars movies
  10. Grease
  11. Dirty Dancing
  12. Little Women
  13. Hope Floats
  14. The first and second Karate Kids
  15. 16 Candles...any brat pack movie, for that matter.

Okay, I'm going to stop there even though I know there are more. I'm starting to draw a blank and I don't want to look too movie obsessed (oh, I did leave a few off that I might be a bit ashamed of too). Please share what your favorite movies to watch over and over are. Don't be ashamed, there is no judging here. :)

Also, I wanted to share something with those of you out there that don't always have time to make your lunch for work and like to have those frozen lunches at the ready to grab and go. I'm very big into making my own food and not buying boxed lunched/dinners. They usually have lots of unhealthy fat and other junk in them that our bodies just don't need. Plus, I love to cook so why deny myself that simple pleasure. That all being said, I do on occasion like to have a frozen meal in my freezer for those rare days that I didn't have time (or was too lazy) to make a lunch the night before. There aren't a lot of great options out there but I found one the other day and it was too good not to let everyone else out there know about.

Lean Cuisine's Panini sandwiches. These little sandwiches are amazing!! This picture is the very panini I ate just the other day and totally loved. I'll admit that I was a bit skeptical when I opened the box and saw how small it was. I was very glad that I had brought along a salad (this girl loves her veggies) and a yogurt to round out the meal. However, don't be fooled folks. This sandwich may be small but it packs a huge punch of yummy goodness that will stick with you long after you have eatin the last bite. I didn't end up eating my salad and yogurt till about an hour and a half later because I was so full from the panini. It was also very full of flavor (and yummy melted cheese). Sometimes the food that is being touted as being good for you can very flavorless and taste like cardboard, but this was nowhere near that. I could go on and on but I won't because I don't want to bore you (which I probably already have). What I will end this little product endorsment with is that if you like to buy frozen meals, please go out and get this one and give it a try. It is a very delicious and healthy alternative to some of the other frozen products being pushed on us out there. And after you try it, come back and let me know what you thought.

Have a great day everyone!!




Seth and Jennifer said...

I'm also a fan of watching movies, over and over. When Jenn and I where roomies (and of course she probably still does this) we would watch The Princess Bride almost every weekend. The best part about watching movies you know so well over and over is that you could get a short nap in during the movie, not miss out on anything, and wake up and know what exactly is going on.

lindsy said...

I agree those sandwiches are good! But I had to eat other stuff with it too.

faith said...

Hi Tabitha! Guess who I sat right next to last night at "Girls Night Out" at the church?....your mom!! She was very nice & friendly! You should have come, it was quite a wild night!

Jen said...

I am so glad we are friends.

Lori Bell said...

Hey Tabs! Do you remember Freshman year when I would sleep on your floor and we would watch Sound of Music on Sundays during our afternoon naps? Good times!

Tabs said...

Oh, girl, those were great times!! Thanks for reminding me! I miss those days, they were so fun!