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Thursday, May 11, 2006

America got it wrong!

I don't even want to make this post today, it makes me very sad. Last night, Ryan Seacrest stunned us when he told Chris Daughtry that he was going home. I almost cried...and for two reasons: 1) because I just love Chris and thought he was going all the way and 2) because he looked so stunned and shocked himself. The silver lining in all of this is that I know that Chris will go on and have a fabulous career in the music world because he is just that dang good. So, Chris, it is with a very sad heart that I say goodbye to you today. May you grow from this experience and have great success using your God given talent.

This post can't be very long because I don't like to dwell too much on this very sad situation that we American Idol fans have been left in. Now I don't know who I want to win. I do know, though, that Taylor has to go home next week. I want it to come down to Kathrine or Elliot. Let me know who you think will be the American Idol come May 24th.



Carrie said...

I have to say that I thought it would be Chris and Katherine in the final two and then I thought it would be Chris and Elliot and now I hope that it will be Elliot and Katherine. What is this magic power that Taylor posses to never be in with the bottom dwellers.. he has to go. I think, now that Chris is gone, Elliot is going to go all the way.

Krista said...

NO! Taylor can't go home! He has to make it to the final two...Taylor and Elliott. Katharine should have gone home a few weeks ago.

sara m. said...

I live in Africa and haven't heard any of these people sing so I can't weight in based on their musical talent but since I know how much you love comments I thought I would leave one anyway to say hey and that I miss you. Plus I really like the name Elliot so I hope he wins based purely on that. Later Skater!