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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Okay, okay

I know, I know, it's been forever since I last posted, and posted anything real for that matter. I'm embarrassed by myself (so embarrassed that I haven't even been checking other peoples blogs cause I feel to bad). But hopefully tomorrow I will post about last weekend which, for me, was sort of eventful (I'll have pictures and everything). So to all my readers out there (and I know there aren't many), can you wait one more day? A new post is coming soon to a blog near you...promise! Thanks for your patience with me! You all are great!! I should mention two things that are going on right now though. 5-Day Clubs are rapidly approaching so things are staying busy in my little hub of an office and then yesterday I realized I lost my wallet. AAHHH!!! Please pray that I can locate it or that some nice person will find it and turn it in, OR that nothing is stolen out of it and used unlawfully. Thanks everyone!



Carrie-Margaret said...

indeed my T.. it has been forever. i check everyday and night to see if you wrote anything on your awesome blog!! so i was very happy to see that you'll be updating it and with pics!! YAHOO! thank YOU for what you said on mine and indeed we will have to get together. i love you very much & i too am very blessed with you as my dear friend/sister in Christ. ><> xoxo and Blessings upon you my T!

lindsy said...

welcome back tabs! i hope you find your wallet!

sara m. said...

Aaww, don't be ashamed Tabs. Last time you posted: June 1st. Last time I posted: May 22nd. And I live in Africa for crap sake! You have nothing to be embarassed about but I AM very excited to read about and see pictures of your eventful weekend. I think of you often. Which reminds me I have several amazing recipes to share with you ya li'l gourmet. Don't let me forget. Love ya!

Tabs said...

Awww thanks guys!!