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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

WOWZA! Tabs found a new product for everyone to try!!

I just made a new (and EXTREMELY DELICOIUS) discovery. Lesser evil kettle corn. OH MY GOODNESS!!! This stuff is so great! And low in fat, calories, and all that other bad stuff that they tend to put in processed stuff. Seriously though, do not pass this stuff up if you see it at the store (I found it at Wild Oats) just cause you may not be into lower cal/fat/whatever foods. Trust me on this, it is for everyone, no matter if your watching your weight or not. It is amazing. I had the SinNamen flavor and it was downright amazing. It was just like eating yummy kettle corn but with the kick of cinnamon. WOW! Now, it is a little pricey but you don't have to buy it all the time, it's more of a special treat, but the price is oh so totally worth it! Can you tell I love this stuff? It's taste is out of this world, honestly. I had three friends over last night and between the four of us we pretty much finished the box. SO GOOD!!!! Oh, and they have a handful of great flavors including Maple Pecan, Black & White, and PeanutButter & Choco (which I can't wait to locate and devour!!).

Here is what they have to say for their product:
Fending off one Snackcident at a time. Simply put, we got fed up. After years of being forced to choose either junk food or healthier “snacks” that were bland and unsatisfying, we decided it was time to put a stop to bad snacking…or as we like to say, to prevent “Snackcidents!” So our mission began in a kitchen putting together simple, natural foods with fantastic flavors and avoiding things like preservatives, trans-fatty acids, artificial flavors, and high fructose corn syrup. And, of course, we had to make this stuff fun!Why “LesserEvil”? Well let’s be honest, we’re not talking carrots and broccoli here. But we are talking about all natural, real foods with nothing artificial (nada! zip! zero!). And while we might not be a true health food, we are the LesserEvil choice to those junky and bland Snackcidents.

So, you better go and check them out, you will thank me later, I absolutely promise!!

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