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Friday, December 1, 2006

Very interesting story

Check this out.

A 4-Year-Old Power Ranger Scares Away Thieves.

(click on the picture to go watch the video of the kid being interviewed...such a cutie)

A young hero saved the day by using his skills as a Power Ranger.

When armed men held 4-year-old Stevie's family at gunpoint last week in Durham, N.C., the young boy hurriedly transformed into a "Power Ranger" and sprang into action.

While his family was being robbed, Stevie managed to sneak away and put on his "Red Ranger" costume. He soon returned to battle the thieves.

Although the thieves still managed to steal credit cards, money and a cell phone, Stevie's mother said she believes her son spooked the robbers, who ran away.

Durham police said several robberies occurred over the Thanksgiving weekend and in some instances guns were pointed at children. No serious injuries were reported in any of the robberies.
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