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Monday, January 22, 2007

A few updates for you

1. HEROES FINALLY begins tonight!!! I cannot wait! All the commercials and talks I've heard and seen look so fascinating and have done their job of hooking me and getting me excited for the season to start up again. Not that I needed any help. Anyway, it's on tonight at 9:00 on channel 8. Sorry for you 24 and Heroes fans, you're going to have a bit of a conundrum on what to watch (heroes...heroes...heroes...). Are you on the list? AHHH, I can't wait!!!

2. My hand has been twitching for the last couple of days, right in the meaty part under your thumb. It is a very odd sensation and I can't explain it in the least. Any ideas? It's very entertainging, though. When it happens I just sit back and watch the skin move without my doing so. Who needs tv when they have entertainment like that? Oh, and if your curious, it's my right hand. Now, I know the eye sometimes twitches when we get stressed (I know this from experience) but what does it mean when the hand starts to twitch? Too much comfortableness? Too much peace? Hmmm, I should look into this.

3. It's less than a month until my birthday. WOOHOO!!! Can you believe it? It's already been a year and now it's time for that always fun time of birthday cakes, candles and decorations. Okay, I don't always have decorations but they are fun, aren't they? Come on, you know you miss the themed birthdays of yest-year. What did you guys have? Princess partys, prirate parties? I actually can't remember what I had when I was little. Oh dear, thats just sad. I'm going to have to ask my folks if they remember (which they won't most likely). Dang it, this is embarrassing, I thought I was onto something and now I can't even contribute to the fun memories. Okay, thats it. More research for me. I'm finding out what kind of parties I had as a kid and I'll get back to you all. This just proves I have a terrible memory. BUT, all this to say that my birthday is in 26 days!! YAY!!!

4. Which leads me to say that DUNES is coming as well (again, I'll be at Dunes on my birthday). The students are getting very excited. I actually had someone turn in their permission slip and money before we even mailed them out. Hmmm, very interesting. The mailers have FINALLY gone out (thanks to the snow for making that happen a week late) and the sweatshirts (zip-up hoodies) are here, things are on a roll. Times get crazy right about now, but thankfully we have a lot of fun along the way. Sometimes I think we work better when it's crazy, is that normal? Well...look at the people I work with and it does make sense (and I promise I only mean that in a good way!!). I think it just means that we are excited about Dunes too, which is a good thing.

Well, this post has gotten a lot longer than I had intended (always does, I am the babbler). I'm sorry, please don't feel like you have to read it. :)

Loves to you all and I hope you have a great day!!


(26 days till I turn 27...whoa, weird.)


Lori Bell said...

Tabs! Just wanted to say hello and I love you and miss you! Sounds like things are going well for you...that makes me happy! Love you!

Tabs said...

LORI!!!!!! COME BACK!!! If you have my email (which I hope you do cause I can't locate yours) please, please, PLEASE email me! I miss you and want to catch up with you desperately...can you tell?