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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A few fun things to talk about around the water cooler today.

Today is National Potato Chip Day. How fun is that? There are a lot of options out to so get yourself to celebrating tonight with some of your favorite (want to be healthy? Stick with "baked") chips and pair them with my favorite homemade salsa (if you try it let me know what you think, it really is the best on so many levels, taste and ease of preporation being two of them). And how could I forget, you can even make your own at home. You can make oven baked potato chips or you can even try some of these recipe's that I found at Cooking Light for different versions of baked potato fries (they do call fries "chips" in England so it still works). Sweet potato fries are the best, you have to try them!

Also, beginning today is also National Chocolate Week. Oh what a great week! Too bad National Peanut Butter Day doesn't fall in here somewhere, we all know I love that. :) Savor some dark chocolate and you'll not only be celebratin' this fantasticly yummy week but you'll also get some health benifits to boot. :) (Alison, go find those favorite mini eggs of yours and enjoy with reckless abandon). Beks and I got to do a little celebrating early when we were at the beach this weekend. We had several kinds of some oh so tasty chocolate at a fun little candy store in Seaside. Wesley introduced us to something called Chocolate Seafoam. Sounds a little weird but it is actually really good. The texture starts crunchy (similar to malt, but different) but ends on a chocolaty chewy note, yum! Oh, and how could I forget my favorite chocolate indulgence that I've told you all about so many times before: Chocolate Vitatops! :)

Oh, and check out this great picture I found. It's chocolate covered potato chips. Interesting...not sure how I feel about that.

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