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Friday, June 1, 2007

I asked for the large

Something we did (several times, actually) while down in California was visit the cute little French coffee shop that Liz works at, La Boulange.

It is a very authentic feeling bakery with very mouth watering pasteries, breads and other tasty treats. One of their trademarks (well, maybe they wouldn't quite call it that, but that is what I'm calling it) is that they serve their large coffee's in bowls, which is how it is done in Europe apparently. Well, since coffee was pretty much the drink of choice on our trip (we drank more of that stuff than I can even count) and not to miss out on anything, of course Beks and I had to order their large drinks so we could get the whole La Boulange experience.

Here are a few pictures of the yummy breakfasts we enjoyed on Saturday morning. Beks and Liz had their french toast with fresh fruit and I had some sort of yummy egg/cheese/veggie goodness with a salad (weird, I know, but I promise I didn't request it that way), and a slice of their very delightful peasant bread. If you are ever in San Fransisco, look one of these up, you will not be disappointed.

If you want to hear more about our trip and see other pictures check out Beks blog. She is a much better story teller than I am and you might even get a chuckle at someone's expense. :) Oh, and check out Liz's blog, they has some great pictures on there too.

I have to say again that I had an absolute blast on this little California excursion of ours. I had the best time traveling with Beks, especially on that last LOOOOONG stretch from Eugene to Portland. We were laughing at honestly the stupidest things, I'm sure the other drivers thought we were crazy (well, they were actually the crazy ones and getting in our way and going slow, NOT allowed when you are trying to get home after a 10 hour drive). I also absolutely loved hanging with Liz and Josh. They were so much fun, laid back, very easy going and quite hilarious and entertaining. They were kind enough to let us use their bed while they slept on the pull out couch (those might have come a long way but it can't compare to their super comfy, cozy bed). Liz also showed off her mad cooking skills by making us a fajita dinner Friday night (she even bought wheat tortilla's) and then the "breakfast of champions" Sunday morning (pancakes with chocolate chips, where she even made wheat thoughtful). They even put up with showing us around and walking ALL (and I do mean all) over the city.THANK YOU SO MUCH JOSH AND LIZ!! You guys are amazing and I can't wait to hang out with you again.


Anonymous said...

hahaha, it was our PLEASURE. it gave us an excuse to be tourists for a weekend because, let's be honest, we've only lived here for 4 1/2 months, we pretty much are tourists =) We had a blast. and we hope that next time you come you'll stay with us again...even if your uncle is offering you his new, hip, great location condo for free...come on, i think a 500 foot square 1970s apartment is WAY cooler. =) thanks for the sweet blog

ps. the spider story mortified me. i am SOOOO sorry and SOOO embarresed. (and embarresed that i don't know how to spell embarresed)

Melissa said...

Well done Tabs!!!!

Nate and Andrea said...

You guys realize it only takes an inch of fluid for a person to drown? Next time, wear life jackets when you order coffee! ;)