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Monday, June 25, 2007

Some thoughts and lots of pictures

First, today, June 25Th, is National Strawberry Parfait Day. Click the pictures to find some great recipe's. AAAAND when you decide to eat some delicious strawberries and you live in Portland (or even if you don't) the best place to get your local strawberries (because they are the best in Oregon and DO NOT even try to refute that because I am right on this) is the little stand on the corner of Glisan and 242ND, right by the Cherry Park Safeway. They are the best price around and their berries are SO VERY DELICIOUS!!! Also, if you are ever at McDonald's, you should try their little parfait. It's super good and quite cheap, can't beat that. :)

I found a new TV show to keep me company during the summer months. It's on Lifetime (not a channel I usually turn to for my entertainment) but this show is fabulous. It's called Army Wives and it is actually written, directed, and acted surprisingly well. If you don't have cable I believe you can watch the episodes online at the website above. It's on Sunday nights at 10pm (yes, I tape it).

Now time for some pictures:

Sam's new tat. I love it! (I want one!!)

the sisters walking to our doom (straight up that hill in front of us)

Sam hiking up the hill (HAHAHAHA, hill...YEAH RIGHT! more like a freakin mountain)
Karl, Sam and I on that oh so treacherous hike (those smiles didn't last long when we, and by we I mean Sam and I, realized we were going to have to go straight back down the way we had come straight up). Do not going hiking at The Ranch in Washington, across from the Dallas. it sucks! no switch-backing, just up...up...up...up...and snakes. Need I say more?

Me, Tiffany, and Jenny at Tiff's bridal shower. Jenny and I did a good job of embarrassing that girl, it was fun. :) Hmmm, which one of these girls has seen the light of the bulb recently? I really should never be next to Jenny in a picture, I pretty much look like a ghost.

Ooooh, "little" David (Rachel's youngest brother) at his graduation. I remember when he was in first grade, maybe even younger than that. He was so small and cute. Now he's so big and cute. And off being in a really big play somewhere in the Midwest. So proud of you David!! Love you!!

Good times! Love you all and God bless!!


faith said...

Beks told me how cute your hair was and she was right! That is a great color on you!

Jen said...

Dude, could we leave off the sassy comments about skin color? Have you ever heard of Dr. King? What do you think he'd say of your remarks about color? Tsk tsk girl. I'm hurt. ;)