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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just less than a month away folks...

Another reason why I love shows start up again! Here are the premiers I am very much looking forward -

Monday night, September 24th:

HEROES is back!! I can't wait to see what nail biting twists they will have this season.

Thursday night, September 27th (my busiest tv night):
The Office at 8 on NBC
Grey's Anatomy at 9 on ABC
And CSI at 9 on CBS

Thursday's have been deemed "Office, Grey's Thursday's" because Bekah (and whoever else can make it) comes over and we watch The Office at 8:30 and at 9 flip over to Grey's. It's a fun night. Oh, and all the while, I'm taping CSI to watch later. Craziness!! I'm interested to see what the show will do this year with losing two of their doctors (Dr. Addison Shepherd and Dr. Burke), George not passing his exam, and a new intern named Lexie Grey. Hmmm, should be full of fun surprises and shocks and I can't wait.


Holli said...

Fall has not just returning shows, but also new shows. I can't wait for the Dr. Addison Shepherd spin-off called private practice, which also has Tay Diggs.

Bekah said...

I'm not gonna miss Burke. He's too wierd and uptight... but Tabs, we have a MAJOR problem. Office is on at 9 on NBC and Grey's is on at 9 on ABC. What will we do????? What the heck? The only 2 shows I watch faithfully and both at the same time?? That's just not fair!!!!

Jeremy said...


I am glad you are a Hero fan. Maybe you can get my wife to understand how great of a show this is. :)

Mare said...

Hey Tabitha! Thursday is a good night for me as I love watching ER! Yes, I am one of those ER fans...maybe I should start watching Grey' looks like the same kind of show as ER??? Glad you have a schedule of things to watch with friends!