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Monday, September 24, 2007


It is finally here and I couldn't be happier. The air is crisper in the morning, the days and evenings are sunny but cool (read: jacket weather), and the leaves are turning their most beautiful shades of yellow/orange/red. I LOVE FALL!!!. It is absolutely wonderful. Last night I pulled out my down comforter from storage (aka. under my bed) and pulled out the sweaters that were packed away last spring. I am so ready. Yesterday was just the most beautiful day for the first day of Fall, too. It was nice and sunny but slightly cool. When I got home I went for a short little walk around my neighborhood to enjoy the setting sun and cooling weather. That has to be one of my simplest pleasures...or just random pleasures. I love to go on walks around dinner time (doesn't happen all that often unfortunatly) this time of year and enjoy the setting sun, the crisp, cool air, and all the smells of people cooking dinner on the breeze. Okay, cheese statement alert: This time of year makes my heart smile. It's true, folks.

Anyway, happy fall to you! Enjoy every second, it's the best time of year (at least to this Oregonian).

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