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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Girls Night Out and a beautiful Sunrise

Kristin, Beks, Jamie and I went out a few weekends ago for a night on the town. We went to the Dragonfish (in the Paragon Hotel) for dinner and then to the...the...well, hmmm, I can't remember where we went after that but it was a fun place. :) It was a fun evening and I had a blast! Jenny, me, and Kristin

Beks having a blast and two different kinds of sake (one is pear infused and one is rasberry infused)...interesting flavors.

not a great picture on my part, but here is Beks attempting to eat her eel with only her chopsticks...she did quite well.

Jamie, me, and Jenny...real smiles.

Also, changing directions...yesterday was an absolutely beautiful sunrise that I just had to snap some pictures to share with you all (sorry if they aren't that great).


kristin said...

gorgeous sunrise pics, tabs! glorious.

Bekah said...

Life of Riley's... that's where we went next. The yuppy pub, remember? we stayed upstairs because i was scared of the boys downstairs?? :)