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Friday, March 28, 2008

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Word of the day: disremember - which means to forget
This word is awesome and I am going to try and use it as much as I can since I disremember things all the time. I love it!! It's totally my new favorite word.

Here is what else my Word of the Day email had to say about this word:
Did you know?
English has been depending upon the word "forget" since before the 12th century, but in 1805 a new rival appeared in print — "disremember." A critic in 1869 called "disremember" both "obsolete" and "a low vulgarism," and later grammarians (so that's what they are called, didn't know that either) have agreed; it has been labeled "provincial and archaic," and in 1970 Harry Shaw opined that "disremember" was "an illiteracy," adding, "never use this word in standard English." (By 1975, Shaw amended his opinion to "this word is dialectal rather than illiterate.") "Forget" is indeed a vastly more popular word, but "disremember" still turns up occasionally, often in dialectal or humorous contexts.
I still will try to use this word often and do my share to bring it back into regular use.

Also, I apparently disremembered that we traveled back to Winter and was confused when I had to drive home from the gym in a blizzard. March 28th should equal sunny, not hot and not too cold days with some rain but no, March 28th, 2008 equals very cold temps that produce winter like weather. Yesterday I talked to Jenn, who is in OK, where it is something like 80 degree's. They are experiencing Summer and we are experiencing Winter. Hmmm, I don't know which place I would rather be, except maybe in a place that has Spring weather, weird I know.

Oh, and I just found this picture that I can't believe I have not shared with you all already.
Donna (one of the "redheads" at the front desk) and I walked around the displays that were all set up for the Sportsmans Banquet a few weeks ago and came across the best thing ever...a makeshift shooting range. Yes, that's right folks, there were guns in our church. It was GREAT! And they weren't real guns, just air riffles I think, with little hour glass shaped pellets. I think Donna said they were .22's. I have no idea (as you can tell, I'm sure) about this stuff so who knows if I'm even saying any of this right. But the guys that were running it let us sit down and take a few shots. A few shots turned out to be quite a lot and we turned out (to everyone's surprise, including our own) to be pretty good. :) We got to shoot paper bulls-eyes, a wooden squirl, balloons and christmas lights. The Christmas lights were my favorite because they would explode when you hit them. Talk about a rush! The picture above shows Donna and I showing off our bulls-eyes that we each took only 6 shots at. And yes, each shot hit the paper...and each shot hit inside the smallest circle. It was great and just too much fun! I went home and told my dad that he needed to take me to a shooting range. Maybe I should join the military. HA!! Maybe not.


Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

So sorry about your weather. It was so nice here yesterday. Today not so much, feels like Portland to me.

sara said...

tabs...were you taking pictures while driving? FOR SHAME!!

Tabs said...

I know, I'm absolutely terrible! Can you ever forgive me?

Jenn said...

I think you and Donna are known as "Crack Shots"...that's what they call people who shoot good. I'm honored that I would get a blog mention...and thanks for the card the other really made my day! Love and miss you friend :)

Matt & Lori said...

You should come to's definitely SPRING here!! Oh, and if you liked shooting air rifles, you should go to a real gun range. It's definitely a rush!