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Monday, August 11, 2008

Fessing up

Well, I'm gonna admit something you, my little faithful readers, that I don't even admit to my closest friends. I actually don't like to run at the gym. I know, I know, it sounds crazy coming from me seeing how much I love running races. But it's true, and that actually isn't all of it. I just don't like to really run (well, not far at least) unless I'm running in a race. The statement is still definitely true that I love to run races (still love and glad I got my tattoo) but I think I like to run races because it's competitive and because there is a goal and an end. When I'm running outside or on the treadmill there really isn't something pushing me - no finish line to cross, no one to hand off the baton to - and that makes it not as exciting or a rush to run. Does that even make sense? Now if you know me at all you know I am a gym fanatic and work out on a regular basis. You all probably thought I ran a lot, and I maybe didn't stop you from thinking that. I'm terrible, I know. And I do run, just not a lot, and what I usually do is utilize all the other machines at the gym and then run/walk on the treadmill at the end of my stay in the mornings. Yeah, I'm lame and now slightly embarrassed but I knew I had to be honest with all you bloggers out there and let you in on the horrible truth I've been trying to hide.

I say all this because - GUESS WHAT?!?! I've been running more at the gym! It's crazy, but true. I don't even understand it. Well, I do. Hood 2 Coast is coming and I realized that I really needed to actually try and train for it this year, especially since my first leg is leg 2 and pretty much downhill all the way (it starts at Government camp I believe). I'm also dating this guy who runs for 2 or 3 miles straight when he goes to the gym and couldn't tell him that he actually runs more than me on a regular basis. How pathetic am I? And I couldn't have him running more than me, no no (watch out folks, here comes Tabs competitive streak). Anyway, all that to say, I ran 6.5 miles straight this morning on the treadmill and I just wanted to share that oh-so-not-exciting news with everyone. It says a lot to me when I'm still feeling a little sore this afternoon but I do love that feeling because I know I'm doing something right. I'm also telling you this because I want to be accountable to all of you out there. I need to be accountable to someone (it helps sometimes, ya know?) and you guys seemed as good as anyone (any group). :) So, I'll be keeping you all in the loop, as I slack and as I up my miles or whatever. Who knows, maybe next year I'll finally get around to actually doing a full marathon. Oh, yikes!

Anyway, sorry to completely bore you all to tears but I had to share my thoughts and get this lie I've been living off my chest. :) I love you all, my faithful readers. Sorry I'm so lackadaisical in my blogging, hopefully I'll get better.

Have a great day!


Bekah said...

i can chase you with my car if that helps motivate you. you know i'm here for you.

Tabs said...

Thanks Beks, you truly are a good friend. I can always count on you.