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Monday, September 22, 2008


It is September 22nd and the Fall season has officially begun...and I am officially EXCITED about it!! I love fall (or autumn) so very much. It is definitely my favorite season of all! It's colder and people have to bundle up and get on cozy jackets and scarves. The mornings are wonderfully crisp and smell so good I just want to bottle it up into a room spray. I do understand that it can rain quite a bit in fall but ya know, it's a good thing I'm a true blue Oregonian and love the rain.

And who can forget the wonderful fall colors that the leaves start turning.Oh my goodness, God really pulls out all the stops during this great season. Anyway, just wanted to share my joy and excitement with all you out there in blogger world as we move into my favorite season of the year. Does anyone else agree with me on this or do I stand alone in this crazy love of mine?


amy nickerson said...

I totally agree with you! Fall is by far my favorite time of, pumpkins, jackets, colorful leaves, apple cider. It's awesome!

Mare said...

Way cool! God knew what colors the leaves would turn in Fall and knew that His children would just love the leaves and the crisp cool air!
Hope you are doing well. I saw you in the choir at church this Sunday. Happy first week of Fall!

OK Chick said...

I agree too! Fall is my favorite season. Surprisingly, OKC is seeing fall type temps. It's very nice for running.