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Monday, October 6, 2008

Biography poem

I liked Beks poem so I stole it to do for myself. Enjoy!


Who is quirky, fun, spunky, crazy, neurotic, and energetic.

Sister of Guy and Samantha

Who loves Vitatops, rain, Europe, good movies, going for walks, mailing people cards, , "weekend catch-up" with Kristin on Monday mornings, Lunch on Thursdays with her daddy, that her boyfriend orders dessert at dinner (especially when he shares), family and close friends.

Who feels loved, a sense of accomplishment after running a race, and mean at times.

Who needs forgiveness, to be heard, validation, and a good brow waxing.

Who gives her friends “judgment-free” zones, her boyfriend a hard time for driving slow and good restaurant/food recommendations.

Who fears ALL bugs, strange sounds, and getting injured badly to where I can’t run.

Who would like to see her kitchen and bathroom clean and her fridge full of her favorite foods, her sister move to Boring, Oregon, and New York City.

Who shares her secrets, her food finds, and tea and good books with her daddy.

Resident of the great, amazing state of Oregon

Who is a secretary, a fast runner, an Army brat, the baby of the family, learning to be a good friend.

Insert last name if you know what it is...I'm not putting it on here. :)

1 comment:

Bekah said...

love it! it's like a super-sized poem.. so UNLIKE tiny tabs :)