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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Playing catch up as usual.

This year for Halloween I actually got into the spirit...sort of. I pulled out an old costume from my college days (anyone from my OC days should remember the costume pictured below), dressed up and went to a Halloween party thrown by some of Andrew's friends. Andrew wasn't feeling well so he sent Box Man in his place. Box man is great fun cause he thinks he's scary and likes to pretend he has the skills of a ninja. You just never know what this he'll do next, so watch out.
We were quite the hit.
We went to the beach the first weekend of November with Jamin and Daniel (Andrew's brother and his wife) and their super cute kids, Ryan and Noah. We took the freakin' longest way EVER but we did find this fun little brewery in Cape Kiwanda called Pelican Pub and Brewery. Quite a delicious place to eat and it is right on the beach, can't beat that.
They had shark bites on their appetizer menu so of course we had to get them to say we ate shark. It was quite interesting and I would totally eat shark again.

Here are some other pictures from the fun weekend...

Oh, and look what Andrew got me because he knows how much I love Christmas. :) His name is Dexter and he lives on my desk at work to bring a smile to everyone's face. :)
Isn't he great?
Andrew, I mean. ;)


OK Chick said...

Nice costume. HA! I can't find any of my old costumes, which is a bummer. The skunk costume would be a great on.

Mare said...

Glad to hear you had a great time at the beach. If you went to the brewery I am thinking of, then I have been there too!! How cool is that?! From what I remember, it is a pretty cool place to eat. Have a great rest of the week!