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Thursday, March 5, 2009

A couple of things I wanted to share...

1. Not only is March National Noodle Month, it is also National Sauce Month. What an appropriate pairing, don'tcha think?

2. Today is one of my favorite days of working at the church (followed closely by tomorrow). It is the day that the first grade class is done reading the Narnia books and has a big banquet "feast" dressed up as the characters from the books. The teacher (along with her fabulous crew of aids and parents) sets up the banquet room with fancy dishes and lights and trees and white puffy stuff to look like snow and then has people dress up as the white witch, Aslan, and other characters which have left my head. I'm really not doing a great job of describing this oh so precious event but really, it is oh so precious! I watched the kids pull back the sheet and be announced as they walked into the room, it was so great. The kids were so excited, and I mean jumping up and down and possibly having to pee their pants excited. Anyway, it is so fun and always makes me smile. And it is something that you know the kids will remember forever. I love that piece. Hopefully this will help them keep on wanting to read books as they grow older.

3. I am getting tired of technology. Yep, I sure am. I don't think it's bad by any means and I am certainly not entirely an old maid and think we should just shuck our computers, cell phones and ipods out the second story window. However, I am getting tired of facebook, text messages, and emails becoming the only way we communicate anymore. It seems like that is the only way that some people can say Thank You, Get Well, Congratulations, or Happy Birthday anymore. It just can feel so impersonal sometimes, ya know? Now, don't get me wrong, those are great avenues of communication, they are very effective in their own right and I do use them, but are they starting to replace the art of hand written cards and letters? It just seems like not many people really send cards or write letters anymore. I mean, don't you just love opening your mail box to find a personal card from a friend or relative saying "hi, love you, have a great day" or a lengthy story telling of some crazy incedent that happened to them. These are usually unexpected, for me at least, and it's such a wonderful, happy surprise...never fails to make my whole week when I get one in the mail, no matter what it's for or who it's from. A card just speaks volumns high above what is printed or written in it; it says that the person who sent it took time out of their busy day just for little ol' you. I don't know about you all out there reading this jumbled mess of thoughts, but for me, that is the best feeling. All that to say, I'm personally trying to get better about sending cards via snail mail instead of just saying "Hey" or "Happy Birthday" or "Love ya!" on facebook or in a text. I love those and use them and will continue to use them. However, I just want to try and do more and get back to actually taking a few minutes to use the skills I learned back in kindergarden and write a little note to someone that I love and cherish. Thats all. Anyone got anything to add? I'd love to hear it. :)

Oh, and it helps that lots of places have cute boxed sets of cards on sale all the time. :)

And no, I am not writing this to get people to send me cards! PROMISE!

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Alayna said...

Thanks for your thoughts on card writing! Personally, I love receiving cards but I especially love writing cards - so much that I set aside a night a week to do it. Some times people catch on and send them to you in return, but mostly they don't. It's still worth it though. Sending cards to friends is great, but I really like sending them to older people -- they feel especially loved. And they're the best ones at writing back!