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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My parents, the road lovin' fools

So my parents, we'll call them Grant and Katy...'cause those are their names (and yes, that is them below wearing their beloved fanny packs)......are out and about the country on a road trip visiting friends and, well, more friends. They keep sending me pictures via phone (my mom just learned how to do it) so I thought I would share them with you (because my life is so boring that I have nothing of my own to share)...Mom and Dad at Starbucks

The church at Fort Polk (middle of nowhere Louisianna) that my dad, the Chaplain, use to preach at. (is it just me or does he look like he's leaning?)

Some random ranch entrance that used to be on an old show that my mom watched
(random picture #1)

Dallas's version of the MAX
(random picture #2)

a burned out mobile home on the side of the road
(really random picture #3)

MATTHEW!!! My cute "little" nephew. He's like 6.2 feet tall and out world! (is it just me or does he look kinda scared? I mean, I know my parents can be wierd, but they aren't really that scary...)

My papa with my very great friend Krista and the also great boy she is going to be marrying this summer, Jason. (pictures are taken on a phone so they aren't the best quality)

My mama, in front of...hmmm...can't remember? I think it has something to do with George's great whatever it is. (sorry I'm such an idiot)

Good ol' Sonic

Good ol' Buick and mom getting ready to place the good ol' order at the good ol' drive in

Good ol' sonic onion rings

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