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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This video is so funny...and very true to cyclists

It was made by some guys here in should recognize some of the scenery if you live around these parts. Another funny thing about this video, and just point proving that the cycling world is very intimate and VASTLY different from the running world, is that Scott knows the guys who made this video AND all the girls "dancing" in the background. They all race - therefore he knows them.

Oh, how I do love and enjoy my cyclist husband.

Enjoy the video!

(I must tell you that this wife understands and appreciates the shaved legs...just sayin)

PS. Today is 2 months since Scott and I were married and did not utter those two special words, I do. Yes, you read that right. My dad, the preacher man who has done PLENTY of weddings, forgot that section of the vows. So, when I see my dad I like to remind him of this by saying, "Hey Dad, how's it going? We are still living in sin thanks to you...but whatever." Anyway, 2 months. What fun we've had and how fast they have flown by. And what a better count up than the previous countdown (not that it wasn't fun in it's own right).

We sure do love to kiss, don't we? No complaints here!!
Sorry to bombard you with pictures, I just love them all so much...and this is my there! ;)


Ben and Cherianne V said...

I say keep posting photos!!! You are right. It's your blog, so who cares what anyone else thinks! I love seeing your wedding photos.

Hey, I just purchased an expensive road bike as well. It makes a huge difference compared to what I used to have.

Tabs said...

I bet it does. That is what Scott tells me too. We'll be getting me my own nice bike one of these days. Enjoy riding Cherianne!

Maine Mummy said...

I was so clear with our pastor that I wanted to say "I do" and she went ahead and said "Will you..." for that part. I will never forget not saying "I do" at my wedding!

Love your pictures! You guys are too cute.