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Monday, May 17, 2010

This weekend

I saw two different men pee off the side of their bicycles.

Yeah, I know. You feel dirty just thinking of that, don't you? Just imagine SEEING IT!!! So gross and wrong! Seriously, so shocked was I.

If your curious, the reason I was "lucky" enough to catch a glimpse of something I would like to never, ever see again, is because I was with Scott while he did some officiating at a cycling race in Silverton , Oregon. I sure do love doing that with him. I like watching the guys to see if they are crossing the yellow line or littering...gotta keep 'em in line ya know.

My favorite Scott quote from yesterday yelled from the car to a rider - "STOP DANCING ACROSS MY ROAD!" You do not want to mess with this chief official! :) But that's his way of telling the guys to stay off the yellow line (they get a warning if they do and can be penalized if they keep it up). Love it!

I think I'm gonna talk with Scott about the idea of warnings being given out to people (women included, by the way...just ask Scott for that story sometime) when they pee off the side of their bike. Seriously, anyone ever heard of indecent exposure?


Bekah said...

i can't believe no one's commenting on the peeing thing.. kristin and i were DYING when we read this. really? you can't just pedal faster and catch up to where you were? really?

i'm glad you're having fun with the rest of your bike racing experience!

Tabs said...

Seriously Bekah, it was crazy. Scott told me this morning that NORMALLY the pack of cyclist's all decide that it's time for a potty break and they ALL PULL OVER and do their business, then get back on the bike and keep on racing... Why could this not have happened Sunday? I don't know, someone must not have learned how to raise his hand in kindergarten to ask for a pee break.