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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Last weekend

was the Cascade Cycling Classic in gorgeous Bend, Oregon. Scott was asked to officiate the whole weekend (starting with a race Friday morning and ending with a race Sunday morning). We went, he officiated, we saw, we ate, we drank, we laughed, we relaxed, we left. It was oh so much great fun. Seriously, I think one of my favorite things to do with Scott is come along when he officiates...especially when we do the driving kind and I get to participate a little bit). FREAKING LOVE IT! And I think I love it so much because I get to see him in his element, being a part of what he loves and enjoys. He lets me come along and never makes me feel like I'm being annoying or in the way. :) And there is something about seeing your guy in charge...not gonna lie.

Here are some pictures to show you what we saw and did.

Here are the racers (Category 4's) from Friday's race, turning a corner.

The view from Linda's sisters back deck. SO BEAUTIFUL!
It was definitely night time when this picture was taken (see last picture)...not sure why my camera was being dumb. Oh well, still a cute picture.
A racer turning around at the Time Trial(or TT). He's got himself a wheel that has a name that I can't think of but it's supposed to help with going faster, blah blah blah. All I know is that it is very loud because it's just a thin sheet of carbon (not metal, like I thought...because yes, I was corrected).
Here is my attempt at getting quick succession pictures of a guy doing the turn around. Can you see all his aerodynamic gear? Well, the only thing that I'd like to really point out is the helmet? I won't tell you what they call them in the cycling world, but it's not a bad description.

This is the view I had for about 4+ hours Saturday morning. We were sitting at the turn around, making sure every rider came through.

Here is a picture of the pro's racing Saturday evening. Specifically, this is a picture of a certain pro that had some doping issues a few years back and is now clean and trying to get back into the cycling world. Can't remember his name, though...maybe Scott will let us know in the comments.
Racer's lining up Sunday morning
Scott (the guy in yellow) giving the group the rules and lettin' 'em know who's boss (he can kinda sound like a drill Sargent, it's great)
Us and the duck, following the peloton...which, in French, literally means little ball or platoon
Jordan and I were asked to give out the medals to the winners of the kids races. They were so stinkin' cute racing their little bikes and trikes over the finish line...some with a little help from their parents (or we would have been there all day, seriously).
Okay, they aren't that heavy, it was just super hot standing in the direct sun on the asphalt.

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