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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not that you care...

This mornings workout consisted of:
  • 40 minutes on the treadmill walking/running intervals
  • 5 sets of 12 of the following: angled leg press/side lunges with taps/step ups with 10 lb weights in each hand.
I was quickly and forcefully reminded of this workout as I was going upstairs to the break room. Ouchy. Talk about getting my butt kicked this morning. Felt good though. Wonder how Scott's leg's are feelin' right about now?

Also this morning, I enjoyed another (in a very long line) bowl of over night oats. Have you tried this great concoction yet? It's so tasty and so easy and saves time in the morning.

All you do is, before you go to bed or after dinner (whatev's), mix up a bowl of equal parts oats and your liquid of choice, cover with plastic wrap and put in the fridge. I like to do a half cup of oats and a half cup of almond milk (Scott likes chocolate almond milk). My friend Rachel uses water. Whatever. Trust me, in the morning, your oats are fluffy and yummy and you don't even have to cook anything on the stove. Some mornings I pop mine into the microwave to heat them up a bit, especially if I add in some peanut butter.

Oh yeah, speaking of peanut butter, I cannot forget to mention the toppings. They are endless! And the best part! I add in fruit and nuts and whatever I want and love on my regular oatmeal. Lately I've been on a canned pumpkin kick (must be Fall), so I've been mixing in a half cup (two good sized scoops) of the yummy stuff and then adding in extra pumpkin pie spice...nummy! I also add in a half cup of cottage cheese to get some good protein in there. And do not(!!) forget the nuts, they are SO GOOD in overnight oats!

So...there ya go! I'll post a picture sometime...but it's not very pretty, just VERY tasty! I should mention that Scott loves the stuff too, it's not just me or just a gender thing. :)

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