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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Never been good at grammer

Okay, I know the word babble is spelled with two b's. I'm not sure if I thought I wanted to be unique when I came up with my blog name all that time ago or if I just didn't know how to spell (which is most likely the case). Don't worry though, I do realize NOW that it's spelled wrong.
  1. Mindless:
    Lacking intelligence or good sense; foolish.
    Having no intelligent purpose, meaning, or direction.
    Giving or showing little attention or care; heedless: mindless of the dangers.
  2. Babble:
    To utter a meaningless confusion of words or sounds.
    To talk foolishly or idly; chatter.
    To make a continuous low, murmuring sound, as flowing water.

Hmmm, when I look at these definitions I'm not so sure if I like the name that I chose. :) But I was looking back over my life the other day and I decided that this name is totally appropriate for me, sadly. I've always been a babbler, and it's really bad when I get nervous. When I was working at outdoor school a few years back Vonda Peirsol unknowingly (or maybe not) gave me the name of Babbling brook...appropriate, no? And...well, I seem to have forgotten the other examples at the moment, probably proving my point even more.

How exactly did I graduate from college?


Faith said...

Hi Tabitha...I hope you don't mind that I read your blog from time to time. You are pretty funny...I can see why you and Beks get along! And if I ever get a blog again I know mine will be a lot babbling too! So don't worry about that. Hey by the way I thought your title for this blog ("Never been good at grammer") is very ironic...because grammer is actually spelled grammar! hehe

Tabs said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! See, my point is proven once again.
Aren't I just hilarious? I sure wish I have done that on purpose, but, to quote George Washington, "I cannot tell a lie."
And please feel free to read my blog, that's what it's here for. :)