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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Our cute Christmas tree

Here are a few pics of our cute little Christmas tree. We decided to go small this year since our apartment isn't too big and can't really handle a huge tree. Plus it was just so stinkin cute that I just had to get it. I even cut it down all by myself. Again, sorry for the small pictures. I'm really bumbed about that but oh well. I've learned a valuable lesson. Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas holidays where ever you are around the world! Love ya!!


Go Women said...

I love all of your fun pics from Nutcracker and Narnia. You ladies need to come to my home for a party sometime!! It looks like you are having just way too much fun. Love your Christmas tree!

Rakel said...

Hi there girl!! SOOO good to read your Keep it up!

Tabs said...

Be careful Janie, we might just take you up on that sometime. :) That sure would be a party!

tams said...


I'm so glad you found my blog so I could find yours. We'll have to keep up with one another!

And I totally agree: Marilee needs to update her blog in a major way. I'm going to Kingwood for Christmas so I might just try to persuade her....

Merry Christmas!!