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Friday, December 30, 2005

The pink note

I live in an apartment with my wonderful roommate, Miss Annie Allen. When we moved in we were assigned one covered parking space that is our very own and no one else can use it. And as is the case with most apartment complex's, all the uncovered parking spaces are open for anyone to use, guests or the second roommate. Well, last night I was the roommate that had to locate a spot that was uncovered. I drove around for a bit trying to find the closest one and finally found one that I had never used before but in a great location (not quite the money spot but close). Now, every morning I get up before the crack of dawn and head to the gym to get my daily sweat session out of the way for the day. It's Oregon so it's been raining a lot lately and this morning was no exception. After I started my car, and mind you it's still dark outside, I got my wipers going so I would be able to see while I'm driving. I heard my wipers make a weird noise so I looked at my windshield and there was something on it. Oh no, who's soliciting what now? I opened my door, reached out (trying not to have to get up and out of my car so I wouldn't get even more wet) and grabbed the thing off my windshield. When I took a closer look at what had been put on my windshield this is what I saw.

Yes, someone had put a note on my windshield in a plastic baggy so I would be sure to get it. And incase you can't read the note I'll tell you what it said. "Why are you parked in my spot? It is reserved for me. I've been parking here for 8 months. I will have you towed if you park here again. Have a great nite!" What in the world?! Uncovered spots aren't reserved, and if they do happen to be reserved they are clearly marked, and this one iwas and is not. My roommate parked here a few weeks ago and was not issued any such note. I guess I should be thankful that she didn't have me towed, that wouldn't have been very condusive to my morning routine. She was also nice enough to wish me a nice "nite!" (an exclamation point and everything) She had time to write the note and put it in a baggy but I guess not enough time to spell the word correctly...hmmmm. I'm going to go ask my apartment managers when I go home this afternoon about this little situation. Who knows, I could have been mistaken about the spot being reserved and missed the markings. Or we could just have a crazy on our hands who doesn't understand the rules of apartment parking: Uncovered, unmarked spots are for anyone, thank you very much.

Well, I just thought I would share this little story with you. Thought it was kinda funny.

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Melissa said...

:-) did annie tell you about when her car WAS towed? ah the memories...