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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Reality TV show show's there's no quick fix

Wanna know what my favorite reality show is? The Biggest Loser. I love this show. I think it is one of the best reality shows there is. I admit that I was a skeptic when I very first heard of the show back in 2004. Who would want to be on a show that calls you a loser? I didn't want to promote that kind of negativity. But I was soon hearing all sorts of good thing about the show so I decided a few months ago that I would just see what it was all about. I tuned in and was hooked after just a few minutes.

Why do I love it so? Well, because it actually promotes something besides just winning big bucks. It is promoting being healthy and getting there in a healthy way through eating right and excersizing. They not only help the people on the show to lose weight in a healthy manner by showing them better food and cooking options and different ways to excersize but they also tackle the emotional problems of the participants that have gotten them where they are now, weight wise. And like my title indicates, the show says that there are no quick, healthy ways to lose weight. You can't just take a pill or cut out a whole food group if you want to lose weight for the long term and be healthy. In our society, we need to be hearing more of that. It's all about getting the 5 food groups in proper proportions and getting active. And that is why the show is just down right amazing.

Granted, while on the show the people are in a little health bubble with trainers and less temptations, but look at the people that have gotten "voted" off. They have continued to eat right, excersize and lose weight and in turn feel even better about themselves. And the show is helpful to those who are viewing as well. They give tips on how to excersize and cook healthier. I mean, it even motivated me for crying out loud. I just love this show and I can't say enough good things about it. I loved watching the people that got voted off go home to their families and their families be totally surprised at how different they looked. Then the camera's would go back several months later and show how they were doing now and each person always looked even better (and so did their families!).

I have to send a shoutout to the trainers as well, they do a great job of pushing these people to their limits and yet creating friendships where the contestants feel comfortable talk to them about their issues and triumphs.

In the begining: The winner was Matt Hoover. He was a big boy, he lost 157lbs. Second place was Seth Ward who lost a whopping 123lbs, leaving 3rd place for the super cute Suzy Preston who lost 95lbs.

And here they are after weight loss. WOW!! They look AMAZING! Bunch of cuties, huh?!

And some really exciting news: Matt and Suzy are dating. Aren’t they just adorable? I really hope they make it. It would be nice to see a couple that got their start in front of the camera actually make it off camera.

Well, those are my thoughts on this great show. Hopefully they all flowed coherently and I got my point across. :) Anyone want to "weigh in" on this show? Love it? Hate it? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Faith said...

Hi Tabitha. I am HUGE on reality shows! I can't get enough of them (Survivor, Biggest Loser, The Amazing Race and both Apprentices!) Anyway, Bry and I didn't watch Biggest Loser until this last season and we thought we would check it out. We got completely hooked right away! I love it so much. I agree that it's cool it's not just about's about lives. Could you believe how Pete looked? I didn't know that Matt and Suzy are together...she is soooo cute! I could go on I said I'm HUGE on reality shows.

Tabs said...

Pete, I had forgotten about Pete! He was amazing all by himself. In weight lost, he really was the biggest loser. And I loved that his wife lost too. See, the best show! :)

Rakel said...

You guys.....what can I say?