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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A night in Tuscany

Okay, I know I'm not the biggest world traveler (and by that I mean I don't travel a lot, not to be confussed with the huge desire to travel that I have) but I would love to go to Italy, Tuscany to be exact. We have friends with a villa there, I really need to go. But who wouldn't want to go? The country is gorgeous, the people are fun and friendly, and the food is absolutly fabulous! But since tickets to Tuscany aren't exactly in my price range at the moment (since I am already going to Kuaui this year) I will have to settle for our Good Shepherd Staff dinner party that we had last night entitled "Dinner in Tuscany." For those of you that weren't there, let me just tell you that it was an absolutly fabulous night! The highlight of the evening? The AMAZING food! We had yum garlic bread (with whole cloves of garlic cooked into the bread), olive oil for dipping, antipasta platters, and salads like they serve at the Olive Garden. Oh, it was all so very good. And now for the the pièce de résistance: we had spaghetti served buffet style. Now your probably wondering why I would say this is the pièce de résistance, it's just spaghetti for goodness sake. Oh, you would be so wrong. No no, my dear friends, this was no typical church spaghetti feed. We had 4 different types of spaghetti sauces that had been cooking and simmering all day in our huge kitchen being watched by the careful eyes of some amazing cooks (Kelly Loos for one). There was an olive oil based clam sauce, a marinara sauce with italian sausage, the Sirianni family spaghetti recipe all the way from the old country (which I had, SO GOOD!), and an alfredo sauce. We ended our night o' food with petit four type desserts (little cut up yummy cakes of different kinds) and an assortment of biscotti to choose from. There was also live music and some live entertainment (Rakel was crying she was laughing so hard). The evening was capped off with the book End of the Spear by Steve Saint being given out to all the staff members. How cool is that?! I couldn't wait to get home and start reading (which I did even though it was past my bed time).

All in all, it was quite the fabulous night! Good friends and great food, you just can't go wrong! I sure do love every one that I work with and I'm so glad we could take a night to tell each other that in a fun setting. Thanks to everyone that put the night on, it was amazing and you all outdid yourselves.

Here are just a few pictures from last night. Actually, that is a lie, there are more than a few so bare with me. But please, enjoy! :)

The first picture is of our wonderful MC's for the evening, Donna Stuart and Lidna Sirianni (the Red heads). They did a great job! (sorry you can't see them very well, I was sitting in the back of the room) The next picture is Ruthie and I. She is such a sweet lady and I'm so glad that I get to work with her and see her every day! Her smile and laugh are quite infectous, I love it!

Here are Pat and Rakel Thurman, they are a wonderful couple who love the Lord and everyone they come in contact with! Below them are Mark and Michelle Rubio. I work with Michelle and she has helped me out on more than one occasion. She knows all these computer programs backwards and forwards, she is pretty amazing.

Here are a few pictures of the people that I see every day right in my very own office. First is Ryan Moffat and his wife Michelle, followed by Trina Chase and her husband Seth, and last but not least Lenny Martin and his wife Debbie. Now when I talk about Ryan, Trina, or Lenny you will know who I'm talking about (those of you who don't live around here and/or go to Good Shepherd). These are all wonderful folks and I think I've said it before but I'll say it again, I feel very privileged and blessed to work with them!

Last but not least, here is a picture of Kristin and I, aren't we cute? :)

Oh, and there is just one more. Here is Ryan clearly enjoying his "Dinner in Tuscany." Maybe a little too much, though.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Only a month from today till my birthday! :)



Sean said...

Thanks Tabitha, now I'm all hungry!! :o) Glad you had a great time. Have a nice day.

Rakel said... so such a good job on these blogs....

Janie said...

I am glad you had a good time, Tabitha! I did too.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That mark rubio guy is sooooooo handsome! I think I am going to faint!!! He's fantabulous!! Boy, his wife sure is lucky!