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Friday, March 17, 2006

Gas prices and car keys

Okay, first things first. Gas prices are ridiculous! Yesterday I filled up my car at the gas station just down the street from my apartment for the outrageous price of 2.29 a gallon. I thought that was pretty darn disgusting. Well, as I was driving home after my sweat session at the gym this morning I passed by said gas station and checked to see if the gas price had gone down, since sometimes it does that to me (goes down right after I fill up, I hate it!). My jaw hit the floor when I saw that it had gone up 5 cents over night. UP! WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!! Why, why, why??? People, I just cannot believe the gas prices. They are so outragous it just isn't even funny. It makes me want to cry. I remember the good ol' days when it was 1 dollar a gallon. Why can't we go back to that? Why do we have to budget half our hard earned cash every paycheck just to pay for gas? I know we have a transportation system around here that I suppose I could utilize but it's really not that great, and doesn't go most of the places that I want to go. Of course it would, why would it? Why oh why would anyone want to be nice to me. Oh dear, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to rant about that, but it is getting worse and doesn't look like it's going to get better and what better place for me to vent than on my own blog. Please let me know your feelings on the ever rising gas prices.

Second thing I am going to share with you today is a little lesser known fact about Tabitha. It is impossible for Tabitha to lock her keys in her car....unless it's running. I kid you not, I have only locked my keys in my car while it is running. I don't know how or why I do it but it never fails. The good thing that comes with that though, is that AAA will put you at the top of their priority list when you call and tell them the situation. I tell you this because I did it last night on my way home from work. Yesterday I had a bit of stressful afternoon and just wanted to go home, make some dinner and go to bed early. As is my custom, as I was driving home I was trying to decide what I would make for dinner. I wanted the easiest option so I want with a sandwich. I then realized I had no tomatoes and a sandwich is just not good without a tomato (wow I sure have changed). There is this sort of ghetto produce market that I love to go to near my place that has super cheap prices for veggies and fruit. I should mention that by this time I am on my cell in deep conversation with my good friend Jenny Z. about her life and how it way more exciting than mine (whose isn't). I pull into a parking spot and proceed to get out of my car, which includes grabbing my purse, locking the door as I get up and out and then shutting it behind me. Here is where the story is exactly the same every time, and I do mean EVERY time. I swear to you this happens in slow motion too. As I push the door shut and turn to head in to the store (while still talking on my cell, that isn't always the case) I realize my keys are still inside. This part always seems to happen in slow motion too, I turn around and watch the door fall shut and latch, it almost feels like it's mocking me. Then I check to see if it's running, and inevitably it always is. I think it's because my car is so quiet (at least to me) when it's running. And I'm sure it doesn't help when I'm on my cell phone at the time. I had to let Jenny go so I could call my parents, who both decided they would choose this most inopportune time to not answer their cell phones...for about 30 minutes. And of course I didn't have my AAA card on me, it was in my other purse. I was thankful when my mom finally answered her phone. Little did she know she was the lucky winner who got to bring me my key. Thanks mom! So there I was stuck waiting for my mom in the ghetto produce market parking lot, getting nice stairs from all the oh so lovely shoppers who kept walking past. A guy did bring me a flower though. I think he worked at the market and he said he saw me sitting on my car lookeing a bit down and out. Thanks ghetto produce market man. The flower did help cheer me up a bit so that was nice.

Can we just say that sometimes I am not very bright. I can't believe I just told you all this really dumb story and lesser known fact about me but hey, some of you already know anyway. And now you have another reason to make fun of me...yay. :)

Love you all! Have a great weekend!!!



Alison said...

Oh Tabitha...sounds like something this pregnant lady would do.

k. said...

oh, tabs, I'm sorry your friday was so stressful. no more dinners, okay? :)

Lori Bell said...

Tabbers, you silly girl! I wish I could have been there to sit on your car with you!! Good thing you had just filled up your car, so you didn't run out of gas! Love you!

Tabs said...

Haha, thanks for always looking on the bright side schmory. Love you girl!

Kristin, no worries, bring on the dinners! :) Well, not just yet, but down maybe the road. Chalk it up to learning experience.

Alison, this could be a sign of just how bad I'm going to be when (God willing) someday I am pregnant. Who knows what other thing I'll do, or better yet, not do. :)