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Monday, March 20, 2006

I heart my job!!

Okay, two recent events that remind me that I have one of the best jobs ever!

Number 1) Every monday at 9 o'clock, my little student ministries office gets together to pray. That is great in and of itself. Last monday, the weather was nice and sunny so we decided to take advantage of it and go for a prayer walk along the back road of our campus. It was beautiful out, we were talking and praying, and we got in a nice brisk 2 mile walk at the same time. How fabulous is that! Oh, I should add that the mountain looked absolutly gorgeous!!!

Number 2) Tradition in the Student Ministries department is that when you have a birthday we all take you to lunch. Well, my birthday was a bit overshadowed with Dunes (as you may recall) so it came and went and we never went out to lunch. Well, to make it up to me we all went out to the Black Rabbit for breakfast on thursday. My dad even came, but I think he wanted to hang out with the people that I am always telling him about more than me. My dad and I were able to find out some very interesting stories that I cannot share on my blog. (sorry) :) As you can imagine, (if you know these people at all) we had a great time laughing and chatting. And it was fun to see two of my favotire worlds come to enjoy each others company. The best part was when we were done and "trying" to split the bill. I think it took about 25 minutes and I'm still not sure they figured it out. Oh wait, one more thing that was very exciting was that Stu called and sang me happy birthday over the phone. Gotta love that guy!! Anywho, thanks Steve, Ryan, Lenny, Trina, Dan! It was a fabulous time and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to have breakfast with me (and for letting my dad join us)! Oh, and we missed you Kristin!!

All that to say, I work with some fabulous people! I'm very sure I've said that before but I just can't say it enough!

Well, have a great day everyone!!



Bekah said...

I agree... you work with some really amazing people! ... who I miss... including you... the SM office will be one of my first stops when I get home!

Tabs said...

Oh, that makes me so excited!!! I can't wait for you to be home!! And everyone misses you here. I can tell cause they still call me Bekah sometimes. The other day Lenny tried to cover it up by saying Becky, don't really understand that one. :) Gotta love him.