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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

High School Baptism

Okay everyone, can you please be praying for tonight? We are having a baptism tonight for the High School Group and there are 47 kids that are being baptized. Can you believe it?! 47 high school kids saying they are serious about having Christ in their life and showing that they want to live a life for Him, be bold for Him. It's so amazing and exciting! There will be a ton of people here tonight, including many non Christians. If you all could be praying that tonight runs smoothly and that people come with open ears and soft hearts; that Ryan and Steve will be led by the spirit when they talk tonight and that the kids who are taking this huge step in their faith will continue to be on fire for their Heavenly Father and that they will be surrounded by encouraging friends but also opportunities to share their faith. And please pray for anything else you can think of, I'm very sure I missed something.

I'll tell ya more about it tomorrow. :)

Thank you all, I (we) greatly appreciate all your prayers and support!


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