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Thursday, March 9, 2006

It was a success!!!

Well, last night was a success! Praise the Lord!! He was very much there and His presence was definitely felt by all. 52 kids ended up getting baptized and it was awesome. We had a ton of tables set up on the floor with desserts at each table for families and kids to sit at (each table was pretty much full) and then we had people sitting up in the wings as well. It was great to see all the families (especially non believing families) and friends there to support the kids. We also had a ton (and I do mean a TON) of people helping. I think there were about 6 Growth Groups or small groups, whatever they are called, helping in the kitchen (they even made desserts to share with everyone), with parking, with set-up and clean-up. It was awesome! To me, that was a testimony in and of itself. It was so great (Stu, you'll love this) to see the church body coming together and surrounding these kids with love and support as they made this huge step in their faith.

Anywho, All the kids who were baptized sat up on the stage while Seth Overby sang a song with the band (I can't remember it but it is one my Shawn McDonald and he did a fantastic job) and Steve Keels brought the message (he did a great job). Then each kid took a turn to say why they had chosen to be baptized. Talk about intimidating. I think I would have been scared speachless but these kids did a great job. Then they were all in and out of the water in about 20 minutes. We sang one more worship song, Ryan prayed and gave a few announcements and we were done by 8:30. We started the whole evening at 7:15 and were done by 8:30. We didn't think we would be out of there before 9, but somehow (thank you Lord) things were kept on track and the whole evening just ran smoothly (and fast, but not rushed). All in all, the Lord worked last night and it was a blessing to see it and be a part of it. Here are a few pictures from the night. Sorry for their poor quality.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for last night! It was felt, for sure! And we all greatly appreciate it!

Well, I hope you all have a great day!!!

182 days till I head to Kuaui!! Yay!!!

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Rakel said...

it was a SPECIAL evening....the HS was very much present and we were in awe at what GOD is doing!!